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In today's litigious society, even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits.
Overall, it's been a pretty litigious couple of years.
Contingency-fee lawyers, blamed as the root evil of our litigious society, have been.
Do not put anything in an email that you are afraid may come back to haunt you in today's litigious society.
But overly litigious companies are doing their marketing departments no favors.
It did not work then, but a revisit in this politically correct, litigious era is sublime and ironic.
But he's also managed to mostly avoid dustups with notoriously litigious celebrities.
Anyone who asked her opinion risked getting it, unvarnished, sometimes with litigious results.
Lawyers for the city blame a litigious atmosphere that makes municipal government an easy target for lawsuits.
There are ways to streamline the law and make it less litigious that would not come at the expense of its core values and purpose.
Apartment hunters are often loath to file suit, because doing so might make them look litigious to future landlords or boards.
Students seem to be far more litigious lately and anything that smacks of differential treatment will land you in hot, hot water.
It is fair to say that these parties have a litigious history.
The procedural posture of the case arrives after a litigious history.
Litigious franchisors simply show that they are willing to enforce their agreement.
Colleges and universities remain vulnerable to lawsuits and face an increasingly litigious environment.
The dispute has generated a flurry of litigious activity, including these appeals.
In our litigious society, doing otherwise is an invitation to lawsuits and financial penalties.

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What is the flesh and blood compounded of But a few moments in the life of time? This prowling of the cells, litig... more
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