litigate in a sentence

Example sentences for litigate

Actions brought in those courts can take many months and thousands of dollars to litigate.
He knew that he could litigate with a view to winning or try to settle.
Although there are no appeals to the decision of an arbitrator, in some cases, an employee may later litigate the same claim.
It would cost you more to litigate so you pay a marginal amount get on with business.
It's outrageous that he's trying to litigate in secret.
Now, he said, it is up to whoever can produce the underlying note to litigate the case.
Our only recourse as the main leaseholder on the property has been to litigate.
And if they choose to litigate the stack of contested ballots, the election result will remain undetermined even longer.
He said that he believed enough of the case was left to litigate before the jury, if the defendants so desired.
The owners could oppose that, preferring to litigate each and every case brought by the tenants.
Rather than litigate cases to the end, though, many drug makers choose to settle with generic challengers.
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