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Energizer has industry-leading lithium battery technology for powering up the high-tech devices that consumers use every day.
These same researchers have gotten viruses to do other creative tasks for them, including building a lithium-ion battery.
Helium and some lithium were initially formed from what was available after the big bang.
The choline nicotine lithium connection is somehow involved in the addiction.
Lithium-ion batteries have two electrodes immersed in an electrically conductive solution, called an electrolyte.
Tesla's vehicles use standard lithium-ion battery cells.
As far as batteries are concerned, the raw-material question is where does the lithium come from.
Then a salty solution, commonly containing lithium bromide, absorbs the refrigerant vapours.
It has developed lithium-ion batteries that are unusually cheap and easy to make.
Their expensive lithium-ion battery packs will be leased.
Lithium-ion polymer batteries, which can be easily moulded to fit different shapes, have made possible ultra-slim devices.
It is generally made by cooking ammonia, lithium and pseudoephedrine, a decongestant.
Do not pack loose lithium batteries in checked or carry-on baggage.
It was supposed to be an electric car with a lithium-ion battery.
The key is lowering the cost of the lithium-ion battery.
Finally, a resident offered that he knew the right answer was lithium, but that newer treatments were more popular.
Counterfeit lithium-ion batteries in cellphones occasionally explode, causing injuries.
The lithium-ion batteries used in today's small, yet powerful, cellphones are half the weight of nickel batteries.
Lithium has been used for years in patients with bipolar disorder, and it may also help patients with cyclothymic disorder.
Lithium, a drug widely used to treat psychiatric disorders, has multiple effects on thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion.
So the laptop uses a new battery chemistry, called lithium ferro-phosphate.
Lithium-ion batteries store energy collected by the panels, allowing the vessel to sail even when there is no sun.
Lithium, ordinarily used for bipolar disorder, is useful for some schizophrenic patients.
There is a spilled bottle of lithium in her bathroom sink.
To ensure that lithium does not build up and catch fire, batteries could be inspected without taking them apart.
Drugs that can increase aldosterone measurements include lithium, spironolactone, and verapamil.
The company hopes to develop powerful, lightweight lithium-air batteries.
Laptops equipped with lithium-ion batteries occasionally overheat and catch fire.
When lithium-air batteries are discharged, the lithium metal reacts with oxygen to form lithium oxide and release electrons.
Lithium cells provide much higher energy density than the conventional nickel-metal-hydride packs currently used in hybrids.
Digital quantum batteries could exceed lithium-ion performance by orders of magnitude.
The electrode materials, usually oxidized metals, change color when an ion such as lithium moves into and out of them.
The battery packs contain a type of lithium-ion cell that can be degraded by extreme temperatures.
The principle is similar to lithium-ion, but sodium ions are more abundant and hence cheaper to use.
Although it should be noted that lithium is in no way toxic, and car batteries are recycled by law.
Aluminum is a viable candidate for an energy carrier, and aluminum batteries have a higher power density than lithium batteries.
The lithium-ion battery pack can be recharged by plugging it in.
And that's with today's lithium ion batteries that are not exactly exotic.
The electric drive uses a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack located behind the seats.
Juice for the motors is stored in a lithium-ion battery mounted behind the seats.
Lithium is the lightest of all metals, with a density only about half that of water.
Statistics and information on the worldwide supply, demand, and flow of lithium.
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