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Example sentences for lithic

In short, only the absence of a high quality lithic source seems to have limited the desirability of this setting for settlement.
Lithic tools are further divided into chipped or flaked stone tools and ground stone tools.
Sandstones are typically medium-bedded, drab brown, lithic-feldspathic arenites.
Microcrystalline silica and silicified wood are the dominant lithic raw material types represented in the two collections.
Here is a lithic tuff or a crystal lithic tuff that's mafic in composition made of fragments of preexisting rocks.
Lithic reports with lithic charts were prepared and submitted on each well.
The geologists' definition of a formation is a body of rock identified on the basis of lithic character.
It is composed of yellowish-white pumice fragments and subordinate gray lava lithic clasts.
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