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He had now figuratively as well as literally taken home his bride.
Before long, she had made a name for herself-literally-taking the first two letters of her three given names.
Sometimes they'll literally design it for you even though they may not know that's what they're doing.
With everybody buying music online, it's literally been reduced to the size of a postage stamp.
For them, the act of writing is literally moving language from one place to another, proclaiming that context is the new content.
Those snowflakes will absolutely view your site literally.
The semester is starting and you need to get back to your regularly scheduled programming, literally and figuratively.
Severe winter makes my skin literally leave my body.
Now a candidate can literally be outspent by independent groups.
Though humans are not literally hairless, much of our hair has become so small and fine as to render it virtually invisible.
On land, dinosaurs were making their mark in a big way-literally.
The park is also a hot spot-quite literally, in the geological sense.
Mullet are so profuse they will literally jump into a fisherman's boat.
She has even found what appears to be a redwood stump literally ripped apart by the great quake.
Meth literally rots people's bodies-teeth, face and insides.
Yawning may help you keep a cool head-literally, a new study suggests.
The other is that inequality may literally be making people miserable by increasing stress and the hormones it releases.
Translated literally, entrepreneur means one who undertakes-one of life's doers.
And for every bright idea that goes on to become a commercial winner, literally thousands fall by the wayside.
Another example, from agriculture, shows how piracy can literally seed a new market.
Others have been flying in from abroad with suitcases literally stuffed with the stuff, or asking friends and relatives to do so.
There are literally hundreds of independent, data-backed measurements and observations.
So scientists did some digging, literally, to investigate.
The wheel motors might allow a vehicle to almost literally turn on a dime, making parking much easier.
The researchers began by turning microscopy on its side-literally.
Eventually osteoclastic activity wins out, and that is literally the breaking point.
Other eyewitnesses described tremors that damaged homes and powerful, hot winds that literally knocked people out of their chairs.
Almost immediately a huge wave of flame and smoke roars into the room, knocking you back and literally off your feet.
But keep in mind that the entire economic system under which they work is literally insane.
However, simple awareness of the fearful, stressful thinking literally slows the neural firing triggering the stress response.
We're literally paying for it and so are those children.
We are now literally sniffing the fuel of the future.
It means you can quite literally carry a small library in your pocket.
Device literally buzzes with every touch of the screen.
Literally hundreds of other names have followed similar trajectories.
Literally every blink of an eye led to another great scene.
It's a phrase that sounds good, but really makes no sense when you think about it literally.
The plane literally stopped flying, according to accident investigators and aviation experts.
The best alternative to misusing literally tends to be simply to leave it out and let one's figure of speech do its job.
So utterly obvious, so literally out-on-the-table, the store's offerings seem a monument to forthrightness.
But it remains the case that the easiest way for the government to make jobs is to literally make jobs.
He not only made art promoting pop's egalitarian ethos, but literally tried embody it.
But the interesting thing about modern technology is how socially mobile it is--quite literally.
Oh, don't get me wrong: none of us was simpleminded enough to take those ads literally.
Good old-fashioned manual labor, literally, brings a unique richness to storytelling where words alone sometimes fall flat.
He's such a stone libertarian that he literally doesn't know the language to do it.
Today, one can say that the best ideas are small and mean it literally.
Various groups have even shown that rats brains are literally alight thanks to the photons produced by neurons as they work.
But you literally don't want the bezel to be narrow.
We are literally swimming in a vast ocean of energy, lots and lots of clean energy, much more than we'll ever need.
And literally thousands waiting in the station for outgoing trains during the holidays.
Conventional entanglement cuts across this world, quite literally.
During these rare moments the spreading of neutrino is literally detached from water surface, so it can propagate higher speed.
Over the years, he has experimented with pictures that are all gray and with pictures that are themselves literally color charts.
We literally cannot afford our political addiction to incarceration.
They were literally singing for their supper, for without the right to inherit, they were a burden on their families.
Hence, these sacred sources use metaphors and other concrete idioms that untutored and simple-minded believers take literally.
Since about that time, war had been literally continuous, although strictly speaking it had not always been the same war.
Astronomers have found what appears to be a planet literally boiling away from the blast-furnace heat of its star.
In fact, thin electronics are downright hot, literally.
Literally nothing: no rales, no breath sounds, nothing.
Above the atmosphere, the view is literally a million times better.
They begin to literally fall out of the milk, forming a clumpy net in which fat globules are trapped.
We will have the capacity to change ourselves, and the unintended consequences are literally beyond our imagination.
It's quite literally a small start, but an important one.
Evolution is a stochastic process, a semi-random series of bumps and false starts that literally made us who were are today.
Something less offensive, for example literally anything, would have played better with the coveted not-racist demographic.
Some companies have something for everyone-literally.
Mainly for those people who aren't able to work a computer, literally.
Serge smashed the living-room window with a chair, and they literally threw their five children out to safety.
Literally it's made out of ivory and it's got spikes on it.
There were thousands of people literally crushing us.
The combatants in this war are, literally, city streets.
Our hunter-gatherer ancestors literally didn't know.
Land quite literally underlies all economic activity, but nowhere more than for agriculture.
It wasn't electronic cut and paste, it was literally cut and tape.

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