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Example sentences for liter

It takes three liters of freshwater to make one liter of bottled water.
The amount of water required to produce a liter of petroleum fuel is negligible by comparison.
He poured about a liter of oil into a plastic container.
And they measured the presence of nitrogen itself, filtering liter upon liter of water to quantify a vital nutrient source.
It flows at a rate of a few cubic millimeters per liter per century.
These giant vessels usually hold a liter of beer each.
We are eating a liter of oil about every three hours of flying.
Their ration cards permitted them only one kilo of sugar and half a liter of cooking oil a month.
And according to some estimates, it takes up to three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water.
For instance, the team found an average of about six milligrams of artificial vanilla per liter of water sampled.
For every liter of water taken from the sea, less than half becomes desalted.
Regardless, it still has a power to weight ratio higher than that of any other liter-bike in production.
Most bag-in-box wines come in four- or five-liter packaging.
He then pours in three liters of sunflower oil, and tops it off with another liter of diesel.
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