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Most of all, they need to listen carefully to their customers, paying close attention to what they do and don't want.
If you want a big swig of despair, listen to the people who know something about the global economy.
Without telling them the composer, he asks them to listen to it and write down their impressions.
Once the subscription expires at the end of the year, you can still listen to the tracks.
Then there's all the energy used to let you listen to me.
It was annoying to listen to it at night and that particular mouse died much earlier than the others.
So as sunset sweeps across the sky, settle down to listen to the fire crackle and watch its glow light up the faces around you.
Fortunately the biologists did not listen to us philosophers.
Consumers often moan that companies do not listen to them.
The sad thing really is that people listen to these crackers.
Those of us pacing beneath listen to him grunt and huff.
Listen to the ocean from your room in one of these lesser-known coastal inns more.
To listen to the first million years of the universe, compressed into five seconds, click here.
Listen to talk, music, public affairs and other programming.
We listen to music with our brains and the experience is highly subjective.
It is also fun to listen to the communications between the pilots and the ships.
Listen for the beautiful, descending call of a canyon wren.
In other words, consumers still have to listen to the music that other people program.
Readers are presumed to be curious about what musicians listen to during their downtime.
But she doesn't expect scholars in the field to listen.
But in many cases they are locked in, and if they stop paying their subscription fees, they can no longer listen to anything.
They are two symbiotic things that when they work together, the purity of truth comes out to all who will listen.
Water drums: listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
Except that as you watch her listen to the computer voice, you can sense her wincing at how the synthesizer butchers her words.
Listen to a talk about the scientific excursions to different locations, the field studies, the new discoveries and more.
Half a listen was enough to send me scurrying in the opposite direction.
Experts say students learn more if they are comfortable, but few colleges listen.
Yet listen and download are considered good enough for the purpose.
As the boys listen to her read, they think about tomorrow.
Speech is loud and clear, and easily good enough to listen to a book while you cook.
Either way, it's fascinating to listen to the well-constructed arguments on both sides.
All three have been pulled down, but not before a few people snuck a listen.
My advice is to listen, listen and listen and understand that different people have different visions of their department.
Listen as members of the team detail experiences and discoveries from their work.
There were only a few other tourists, but one couple leaned closer to listen to me.
Every donor is different, so listen to how they describe their wants and needs, and tailor your approach to them.
She will explain to anyone who will listen that unlike wind and solar power, wave energy is always available.
There, the two upload their own personal music play lists along with commentaries to anyone who wants to listen.
She taught others how to listen to the unspeakable.
The stuff that people used to watch or listen to largely because there was little else on is increasingly being ignored.
Although my friends have introduced me to good music, not everything they listen to is good.
People can then listen in their car, while jogging, or wherever and whenever they please.
Listen to an elephant orchestra's rhythmic sounds and see the video that inspired our article.
Podcasting enables you to listen to audio files at the time and place of your choosing.
Having to listen to me more than once is punishment enough.
Listen carefully and you should be able to distinguish the different choruses, according to experts.
Several new devices let users record programs and listen to them whenever they want.
Click below to listen to selections from the discussion.
To his credit, he prefers to tramp the dust and listen to people.
Listen to beautiful poetry or create your own whimsical verse.
The authors of the report should take their own advice and listen to what employers say about college learning.
Congratulations and keep speaking up, people will listen.
Listen at left or download the mp3 to a portable player.
Listen to all your favorite online radio stations with this app.
Click below to listen to selections from the reading.
And after figuring out how to listen to mice on their own terms, she heard something entirely new.
You're going to listen to music from the teenage days.
Others were told to simply listen, or to repeat the sentence in their normal voice.
Whales, elephants, songbirds and bats also listen and learn.
The senior took his seat, and cleared away the trees from his ears to listen.
We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts.
The important thing is that the students get advice from each other and, as a result, are more likely to listen.
Conversation is suggested over mere mimicry-a sense that before one voices, one must listen.
He is constantly running around, and if he wants to give a talk about something, he has to specify who should listen.
People rarely listen to each other as attentively as they wish others would listen to them.
Sure they have every right to seek control, but absolutely no one has to listen to them.
It shows, too, how the final results are made better when the artist is able to listen to-and incorporate-constructive criticism.
They listen and listen and listen, without interrupting.
Respectable audiences turn up to listen to lectures on it.
Show them that inequality has bad results, and they are likelier to sit up and listen.
Then, they will listen to stories set in each of the seven continents to identify geographic characteristics of each place.
If your computers have speakers, have students listen to some humpback songs.
Glia also listen carefully to their neighbors, and they speak in a chemical language of their own.
The interview is archived on their site, and you can listen to it there.
Geologists will listen to the soundings with geophones- a half-mile-long string of microphones staked to the side of the mountain.
But perhaps it is time to listen to what they have to say.
Best of all, you can listen to the recordings themselves.
Of course, if you listen to a bit, the energy is even more obvious.
Before doctors had an armamentarium of high-tech cures, they really had to talk to and listen to their patients.
People have to watch a plot and listen to the sounds.
Listen to an audio track of musicians collaborating online.
Users can also listen to the versions of the melody that other people have sung.
The video broke seven million views in ten days, and people say in the comments that they keep coming back to listen.
We make friends with individual members of the alien culture and listen to their stories.
Listen: there was a goat's head hanging by ropes in a tree.
Craning their heads forward, they listen to their commanding officer make a speech.
His intentions, however, are far more ambitious than simply enabling his readers to listen with understanding.
Voters pretend to rebel and politicians pretend to listen: this is our political theater.
Listen to the mp3 on the player above, or right-click here to download.
People will listen, for free, to music that comes out of a stationary box that sits indoors.
Listen to the mp3 on the player to the right, or right-click here to download.
He will need to listen patiently and propose solutions in countless small town meetings, not simply electrify large arenas.
Thanks for going over it-Listen, something you said a long time ago, the thing itself is what matters.
But sensing that someone was bending close to listen, she blushed and broke into giggles.
He'd come over and we'd dance and listen to operas, both of us hoping desperately that he would stay sober.
If you can listen to it without getting a chilly burst of immortality, there is a layer between you and the world.
Listen to your optimism to invent new practices for sustainability and build a tighter community.
Say what you have to say, but the gold is in how you listen.
People don't care to be lectured by professionals on what they should read or listen to or see.
So you will need to listen to recordings, and listen to them a lot.
Now listen to how he enlarges on this somewhat lame statement.
When you listen to the tapes, it couldn't feel more horrendously true.
It's home to talented artists who listen to clients and turn out beautiful work.
And when they start closing the door, don't talk to them, listen.

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