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In the last few years, the list of corruption convictions is depressingly long.
Furthermore, the list of problems they uncovered continued to grow.
Find an amazing beach retreat with this list of the top destinations for environmentally conscious travelers.
In my opinion, she should have been included in the list instead of one of the two comet-spotters or the translator.
Or, the converse--if you've had something on this list mowed down in the blink of an eye--tell us about that, too.
The problem with making a list is that you need to set limits.
The result is a growing list of tongues spoken only by white-haired elders.
Nor is it as accessible to modern readers as many of the books on this list.
Cats and failures highlight this list of the memes that have gone mainstream.
Call ahead to see if the bottle is on the wine list.
The official scrabble list of words has undergone another update to reflect the changing nature of language.
The government says all those on the opposition's list are common criminals.
Set up a list of specific criteria considered adaptable.
Truth be told, it is probably unfair for me to add this one to the list.
The resulting alphabetical list is completely unmanageable, but again, you can search for a specific name.
It recommended that readers make a list of their goals and then categorise them in order of importance.
If you're looking for individual athletes, the complete list is after the break, sorted by sport.
Five years later, the snail darter was removed from the endangered-species list.
Beginning next month, consumers will be able to check an online list of stores that sold or stocked recalled meat.
If you do the math on this list you'll notice that it has a considerable profit margin for the house.
Wired has a few suggestions for the shutterbug on your shopping list.
Below you'll find a list of fill-in-the-blank questions that should help get you started.
The wait list offers a safeguard against enrollment loss caused by summer melt.
To the list of wonders of the ancient world, perhaps another should be added: nanotechnology.
Both countries come fairly high on the list of countries that lose working days to labour disputes.
If evolution has a top-ten list of nifty innovations, then complex social behavior is sure to be on it.
The team then tested the responses to three to eight variations of those images from the narrowed list.
So virus scanners usually limit themselves to a smaller list of probable hosts.
The drug companies list suicide as only a side effect of these antidepressants.
He was curious why, and thought he'd found an answer when he looked at the ingredient list.
The list is long, with different time horizons, costs and uncertainties.
The latest list of popular nonfiction, political reads.
He published a list of twenty-seven medicines, by name, and told what they contained.
However, neither elegance nor voice should appear in a top-10 list of writing less badly.
They are looking for people who are need to list a book chapter in their tenure dossier, and are willing to pay for it.
However, the importance of a packing list should not be underestimated.
The membership list is fluid and changes as members resign, die or leave the club.
But more importantly, they will be keeping the list up to date.
If you're not on the list, your company might not consider you worth the effort and your future there could be limited.
Add methane emissions to the growing list of environmental risks posed by fracking.
We can only use intelligence and past studies to come up with a list of possible dangers.
Subjects were given a memory test known as the false fame paradigm, in which they were asked to recite a list of unfamiliar names.
For help with the last item in that list, a guide is available online.
When people are asked to list their favorite metaphor, they typically cite great works of poetry, literature or oratory.
They can look at a list of groceries and see shopping instructions.
That's not the full list of superlatives, but it's pretty impressive.
At first glance, the list of animals could suggest any zoo.
The list targeted people allegedly involved in local drug sales.
No list includes the ability to reinvent itself among the desirable qualities of a city.
Something else may soon be included in the list: brighter nights.
For a list of the books that have guides please click here.
To do that, each diagnosis was defined by a list of symptoms, with numerical thresholds.
The list of definite successes is not overwhelmingly impressive.
The only way to retrieve a name and address from the computer would be to list an activity for which a peer is sought.
It offered me a list of stores within walking distance of my current location.
But election officials provide two lists--a list of codes corresponding to votes and a list of the results.
Currently, methane and methanol top the list of hydrogen sources for fuel-cell vehicles.
Using this information, they were able to figure out a list of potential keystroke pairs.
Definition of list, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
The prohibited items list is not intended to be all-inclusive and is updated as necessary.
Search below for a list of facilities that measurably cost less to operate and improve the quality of our environment.
Definition of adjacency-list representation, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
Definition of linked list, possibly with links to more information and implementations.

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