liquid fire in a sentence

Example sentences for liquid fire

Completed a benchmark data set on the transport of liquid fire suppressants around obstacles.
Ability to modify building sprinkler systems to allow delay for pre-action non-liquid fire suppressant system to be installed.
Students learn about extinguishing agent selection and application while responding to a flammable liquid fire.
Store liquid fire starter away from your tent and campfire, and use only dry kindling to freshen a campfire.

Famous quotes containing the word liquid fire

O thou undaunted daughter of desires! By all thy dower of lights and fires; By all the eagle in thee, all the dove; By a... more
Taking a good mouthful, I felt as though I had taken liquid fire; the tomato was chile colorado, or red pep... more
Whip me, ye devils, From the possession of this heavenly sight! Blow me about in winds! Roast me in sulphur! Wash me in ... more
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