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He worked a hand pump on the inside and leaned his head out to make sure the liquid gold was flowing.
When the time comes, pour off all of the liquid, and use the tomatoes as one of your toppings in lieu of tomato sauce.
Carefully pour hot saffron liquid over rice and scatter chorizo on top.
Two mirrors, some paint, and liquid silver leaf were all that was needed to bring some style to this side table.
Julia waters them through the growing season and feeds them with liquid fertilizer every other week.
Add specified liquid and other seasonings, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat.
For particularly stubborn ones, try adding a bit more hot liquid to ease them out while you whisk.
Tip pan and spoon off any excess liquid with a small spoon.
Apply half-strength liquid fertilizer every two weeks.
The dark liquid absorbs solar heat during the day and releases it at night.
Shampoo is a liquid used to clean the scalp and hair.
The colorless liquid lymph has about the same composition as the blood plasma.
Fill jars to within half an inch of top with boiling liquid, pouring it slowly to avoid breaking.
It is prenatally developed, of unknown function, and as soon as calf is taken from liquid food it gradually disappears.
Throughout the cooking, the liquid should be kept below the boiling-point.
So she poured out the liquid music of her voice to quench the thirst of his spirit.
Pour off liquid in pan in which chicken has been roasted.
Pack the jars tightly enough with vegetables that they won't float when the pickling liquid is poured into the jars.
Hydrogen determines whether a liquid is acidic or basic.
When heavy winds coincide with especially high tides, it becomes liquid chaos and disaster for the unwitting seafarer.
For one, it pumps a clear liquid called hemolymph, usually towards the head but sometimes in the opposite direction.
The slow return of the dunes to their normal brightness strongly suggests evaporation of some liquid, presumably methane.
At cooler temperatures, water vapor condenses into liquid droplets that form clouds.
Small decisions such as whether to use liquid or bar soap can have a big impact on your environmental footprint.
The rotating, electrically conductive liquid core is what generates the planet's magnetic field.
It takes a sip of the sweet liquid oozing from the leaf, brushing a leg against one tiny hair on its surface, then another.
The wires would be encased in liquid-nitrogen filled tubes to keep them cool.
Evaporation happens when a liquid substance becomes a gas.
Scientists don't completely understand how spiders spin liquid protein into solid fibers.
And that it may sometimes produce fleeting traces of liquid water.
Coal miners dug underneath the seething core to allow liquid nitrogen to be pumped in and cool the nuclear fuel.
Instead of thriving on water, extraterrestrial organisms might live in a sea of liquid methane.
Liquid coal would produce roughly twice the global warming emissions of gasoline.
The small, irregular movements a cup sees can also amplify liquid motion and thus spilling.
Ring of dust lies in the sweet spot for liquid water.
Consider the common problem of concentrating the flavors and aromas that are in a dilute liquid mixture, such as a broth.
Liquid water is a universal solvent that allows chemicals to freely float, make contact each other and produce reactions.
Liquid water is considered to be one of the key requisites for life.
Scientists have reported that by bombarding a liquid with sound they were able to produce nuclear fusion in a tabletop apparatus.
Streams of falling water tend to clump into droplets as surface tension attracts globules of liquid in midair.
In both cases these are electroplated onto the structure before the remaining gaps are filled with liquid electrolyte.
Still, a bull market requires more than liquid refreshment: shares must also be undervalued.
Most batteries include liquid or semi-liquid electrolytes-so printing them has been thought to be out of the question.
Under these conditions the water exists in a single, supercritical phase, rather than as liquid or steam.
As a display, they are lighter and more energy-efficient than liquid crystals or other display technologies.
Which would explain years of mysterious results obtained from experiments on liquid helium.
Such a future, though, depends on cars continuing to be powered by liquid fuels.
Liquid-crystal displays are pricier than cathode-ray tubes.
The windier the conditions, the smaller the snow-to-liquid ratio.
Icy water from a nearby river then cools the gas back to liquid form, to start the cycle again.
Second, the crisis showed investors that some parts of the industry are more liquid than others.
All mid-ocean ridges are formed mainly of basalt, the liquid form of which directly underlies the solid rock of the sea floor.
They are also exploring a design which produces images using tiny shutters, in the manner of a liquid-crystal display.
Natural gas is cooled to the point at which all other gases in the mixture have become liquid and only gaseous helium remains.
Still if the cellulose to liquid fuel problem could be solved that would help.
The vat is then pressurised, forcing the liquid into the wood.
They are traded in vast highly liquid markets with few impediments to information.
One of the side effects of technology is liquid financial markets.
The plan seems to have involved taking liquid explosives, or explosives masked by liquid, into aircraft cabins.
Makeup bags can store a number of toiletries from sharp grooming items to personal care liquid substances.
Liquid water molecules are moving fast enough to break free from the crystal structure, but they are still attached to each other.
In other words, for every molecule that evaporates from the liquid water, a water vapor molecule condenses into the liquid state.
Non-liquid toiletries do not have an individual size limitation if they fit inside a carry-on bag.
Remove the piece of tape and brush the liquid sealer included in the repair kit over the hole.
After you get past security, you can buy a beverage or other liquid and carry it on the plane.
Travelers may pack non-liquid medications inside their carry-on luggage as well as in their checked baggage.
The design is based on the lab's finding that thorium dissolves in hot liquid fluoride salts.
The ammonia dissolves into the water, and the butane condenses into liquid, which sits atop the water-ammonia mixture.
They provide safe and liquid facilities for depositing money.
She also says the liquid smells nasty and has a menacing character.
The company now uses liquid corn sugar in addition to cane, but otherwise its recipes haven't changed.
We were getting red eyes, and some of us had liquid coming out of them.
The resident picked up the blood-soaked gauze and squeezed the liquid into the metal basin that contained the bone chips.
Coke and iron, the raw materials, were combined in a blast furnace to make liquid pig iron.
In a saucepan over medium-high heat, saute the mushrooms and onion in the butter until liquid evaporates.
Take your tiny fork and sort of move the oyster around in its liquid-filled half shell to make sure it's detached.
Subject must ingest grotesque liquid that originates from donkeys.
Don't be surprised by the liquid-y formula-the consistency takes some getting used to, and once you adjust, it's super-refreshing.
He has the same lovely brown skin and liquid brown eyes.
Now, if only some small-sided rugby player would get caught quaffing liquid testosterone.
The liquid is then set aside in a large covered vessel for two days.
If they hold, art will remain a stable-valued, low-liquid commodity.
During that time, the barrels impart color and flavor to the liquid, while absorption and evaporation remove unwanted chemicals.
We are working to commercialize technology that can make liquid transportation fuels from natural gas instead of crude oil.
Because the nearly instantaneous cooling of the hot liquid preserves aromatic integrity-and aroma is the gateway to taste.
The fat melts, and steam from the liquid in the dough forms and puffs the layers apart beautifully.
The egg whites will rise to the surface of the liquid, drawing all the solids with them.
Unwary animals that came to the pond and were covered with the liquid were unable to survive.
It looks as if the ice is floating on a liquid ocean and being fractured from time to time by movements of the water underneath.
Oil contracts are traded in liquid commodity markets that create uniform oil prices around the world.
Savvy people leave a small sum of money, only what they may need immediately liquid, in their checking accounts.
Let this dough rest a long time-two hours minimum-so the grain can absorb the liquid properly.
Basically, it's the magic bullet we've all been waiting for: liquid hotness.
In a liquid measuring cup, stir together the milk and both extracts.
But it is important to check on the beans from time to time to be sure there is enough liquid in the pot.
US measure works okay for volume of liquid, but is a bit clunky for small portions of dry things.
Since this frigid place is far too cold for liquid water, any life there would need an alternative survival method.
Its raw material is a liquid polymer that hardens when a laser shines on it.
The ancient evidence of liquid water suggests that the planet once had a dense atmosphere, which is now long gone.
Before entering the duct, the silk consists of liquid proteins.
Surprisingly, the thing that replaces oil might not be a liquid fuel.
At that temperature and pressure, it's possible for methane to exist as a liquid, too.
The infrastructure for fueling individually owned vehicles with gas does not exist, as it does for liquid fuels.
Scientists have long known that water can stay liquid at temperatures well below zero.
These parabolic mirrors may be extremely useful if utilized to distill the ethanol from a fermented liquid source.
In the new batteries, one electrode will be a liquid--a zinc slurry.
But e-paper still suffers in comparison to conventional liquid crystal displays in terms of refresh speed and vividness of color.
It is personal transportation that is the bottleneck for use of liquid fuel.
Those transistors were made by spinning the plastic foil to spread a drop of organic liquid into a thin, even layer.
Overweight children should avoid liquid calories, which are less likely to fill them up.
Both the egg white and egg yolk should be firm throughout and have no visible liquid remaining.
If you are taking the liquid, do not use a household spoon to measure your dose.
Spoon a few teaspoons of cooking liquid over the top.
Lift out porcini, squeezing excess liquid back into bowl, then rinse to remove any grit.
Drain beans in a sieve set over a bowl, reserving cooking liquid, and return beans to pot.
Add gelatin mixture to remaining cranberry liquid and stir well.
Squeeze zucchini in batches in a kitchen towel to remove as much liquid as possible.
To add stock to risotto only when no more liquid is visible.
It provides the creamy liquid that ganache requires, while the coconut flavor is completely masked by the chocolate.
Let cooking liquid stand briefly, then skim fat from top.
How a moon that hangs in the frigid depths of the solar system could keep water in a liquid state is not much of a mystery.
Drinking a few ounces of the sludgy brown liquid usually leads to a violent purge from both ends of the body.
Sometimes, a surgery is performed to extract liquid marrow from the back of the donor's pelvic bone instead.

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