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Senior management pays lip service to cost but generally leaves the solutions to human resources.
In modern war a complicated lip service is still paid to the principle of discrimination.
Spirituality despite the lip service in our public forum is not widely valued.
They are well-tested, highly effective voluntary measures that we've merely paid lip service to for the last decade and a half.
Not so in fashion, where much lip service but little money is paid to radical originality.
Crews fails to pay even lip service to the good our book has done.
Focus only on the happy parts, and pay the rest little lip service.
And now that greed was good, some felt the notion of service barely received lip service.
What's really cool, and it really is true-it's not lip service-is that our little group has really managed to stay together.
Now they are wondering if what the university's president said was little more than lip service.
They frown on professors who hold their students to high standards even as they pay lip service to concern over grade inflation.
Society gives little more than lip service to education.
Civic leaders pay a lot of lip service to the importance having robust flight options in their communities.
Some folks pay only perfunctory lip service to the month.
It's one thing to give lip service to solving the nursing shortage.
Some chief executives pay lip service to the notion of encouraging employees to strike a healthy balance between work and family.
City officials actually putting some money and action behind their lip service to bring more bike options to the city.
Leaders have been compelled not merely to pay lip service to their peoples' demands, but to respond to them.
Although politicians pay lip service to those goals, insufficient effort has been made to structure incentives in that direction.
Although they pay lip service to economic and social advance they have become strikingly ambivalent in practice.
Any other statements tend to be little more than lip service to some public relations effort.
We keep waiting, and he only gives us lip service, and that means propaganda and spin without healthcare and benefits.
We need to really embrace the diversity that makes this country great instead of giving it lip service when it's convenient.
The language isn't thrown into the law as lip service.
We have paid lip service to our diversity for years.
Customer service cannot be improved through lip service only.
More than theory or lip service will be required to make this work.
The prewar chaos was largely recreated with only a little more lip service to central coordination.

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Women may give lip service to wanting husbands who take on an equal role in raising children, but many will... more
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