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Others believe full-time faculty members deserve the lion's share of money for student instruction.
But the heel pad is too big for a mountain lion, the toes too close to the back pad.
Lifeguards attribute the stinging streak in part to an unusually robust population of lion's mane jellies.
Captives, which insure the parent companies' risk, still take the lion's share of the alternative-risk market.
The privileges of reserve-currency status were not confined to the dollar, though it enjoyed the lion's share.
The traditional lion dance proved so popular that several venues struggled to find troupes to perform as advertised.
The government has unveiled plans to give the state the lion's share of the money from vast new oil discoveries.
The rationale was that, since everyone now knows where the oil is, the lion's share of the profits should go to the nation.
The lion should chase the gazelle for as long as possible to maximize the chance of catching it.
Imagine getting cuffed by a sea lion then pulled in by a rope.
Developed countries consume the lion's share of fossil fuels.
The lion's share live in the intestinal tract, where they help fend off bad bacteria and aid in digesting our dinners.
The lion's share live in the intestinal tract, where they help to fend off bad bacteria and aid in digestion.
They live in the lonely retired seclusions of the forests, and the males are capable of coping in fight with the lion.
Vision has had the lion's share of attention in the field.
Those established industries take the lion's share of energy subsidies.
The fatter a sea lion is, the more sea lionesses he has in his harem.
Researchers estimate a lion's age by the color of its nose.
The iconic mane of a lion has always been a mystery to biologists.
And woe to any studio executive who got too close to the lion's cage.
In recognition, the library announced, his name would be would be carved onto the exterior of the lion-guarded building.
But the lion's share of the illegal cash went into the law firm.
As she locked eyes with it, the mountain lion moved forward, descending the shrubby bank and heading straight toward her.
The geographic variation of these traits, however, is as arbitrary as the geographic variation in the color of a lion's mane.
Tapeworms that might have ended up in the gut of a hyena or a lion ended up in the gut of our ancestors instead.
The next time the badger got hungry, the bird led the honey badger to a bush, and a lion was hiding behind it.
Coyotes-and from time to time a mountain lion, bobcat, or bear-amble through the town.
The chimeras of myth were monsters that combined parts of lion, snake and goat.
When the diners finally file out, the corpse of a lion is sprawled across the table.
Even her enemies do not deny that she is brave as a lion and can be as dangerous to people in her path.
Writer briefly tells about eating lion, whale, and porpoise.
In the animal entertainment sector, lion fighting is the hot new commodity.
Sea lion skins from sub-adult males were the preferred baidarka covering.
Although the chance of meeting a mountain lion is extremely small, it is possible.

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