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But there's a certain magic in all of that lint and dandruff and morning breath.
Those included a fear of being slapped on the back or having someone pick lint off his clothing.
It goes all the way down to the lint catchers in public laundry facilities.
They can't even take their wallets out of their pockets without a bunch of lint and gum wrappers coming out with them.
However the escalator also had a heavy buildup of litter, dirt and lint.
Use a clothesline instead of the dryer but if that's not feasible, be sure to clean the lint trap after each load.
It's the little things that count-a stray hair, a piece of lint, a smudge of mud.
And think about cleaning lint off the dryer where it vents outdoors.
But the magnetic heads needed to be in contact with the bill and would frequently become fouled with grime and lint.
Cotton gins often add moisture to lint before it is baled.
Clean lint trap as often as required to avoid clogging fans and condensers.
Cotton is conveyed from the gin stand through lint ducts to condensers and formed again into a batt.
Most dryer vent fires start with a buildup of lint, which blocks the flow of air and ignites when it becomes too hot.
All acreage that meets the requirements for insurability for cotton lint is eligible for cottonseed coverage.
The lint trap located in the air flow system usually contains a removable lint bag or filter.

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