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The pipeline linking ecological discovery to bioengineering insight.
The more pages that link to a page--and the more pages linking to the linkers--the more relevant the original page.
They did this by linking together the helical columns with loops to restrict their motions.
After organic memory direct computer linking will be next.
There is a patent for linking from one page to another that my colleague has.
These guys are only linking to profiles in various services.
Making this work appears to require linking access controls in the unit to the payment mechanism.
New interfaces linking people directly to electronics could change telecommunications.
Two new studies have added to the growing evidence linking the stomach and the brain.
Linking battery storage technology to oil dependence is silly.
There have been studies done linking annul reported cases of depression with annual variation in the magnetic field.
First step is getting ahold of the parasympathetic nervous system linking breathing and meditation.
There are only two possible ways that this universal linking can structurally occur.
In one direction this universal linking is consistent with the particular closed centers.
In a few cases, such as the study linking autism and childhood vaccination, an individual is able to perpetrate outright fraud.
One could not help experiencing a feeling of destiny linking both events.
Linking stomach pain, diabetes, and weight loss saves a life.
The thread linking these diverse areas is the nature of information in a quantum universe.
Red cells contain oxidative enzymes that catalyze the linking of oxygen to hemoglobin.
Linking video games to breath, then, might go a long way towards making huffing less of a drag.
He obviously met people who could further add credibility to his blog by linking as they thought he communicated the science well.
Linking the two as you do above turns the scientific debate into a political brawl.
We have lost the capability of linking our different ranches of knowledge, and this is fairly wrong.
The video quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and within a few days hundreds of blogs were linking to it.
The virtual windows on a computer screen could serve the same function, linking distant places into a distributed neighborhood.
These proved not to matter much, with each common variant linking to miniscule fractions of disease risk.
The innovative idea, linking scientific discovery to environmental protection, quickly attracted money and recognition.
Among other things, applicants must spell out their reasons for linking to the site.
The state needs all the media attention and tourism dollars it can get, and is eagerly linking itself to the presidential holiday.
They found that their methods for linking genetic variation to disease were inadequate.
It needs entire new logistics networks linking airports, railways and warehouses-and new dams and electricity grids to power them.
Transparency also means linking to sources and data, something the web makes easy.
Prosecutors face the daunting task of linking them directly to specific killings.
Columns converged on the capital from three sides, linking up with rebel sleeper cells inside the city.
It also considers who's linking to it, and how many pages link to those pages.
Linking a current ticket with your frequent-flier membership number before travel will ensure that you earn credit.
They carefully charted the secret family ties, linking odd bits of evidence to reveal criminal patterns.

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