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Press the button below the message and you'll be linked to the appropriate order form.
Everywhere, ponds are linked to streams, which burble over small waterfalls into still more ponds.
However, serotonin and pain thresholds have been linked.
Nations, not words, he linked to prove his faith before the crowd.
Having a pair of identical atoms on opposite sides of two atoms linked by a double bond.
The proposition is usually linked with one to make the secondary boycott lawful.
It has stopped the sale of index-linked national savings certificates.
Traditionally, journals were private or even secret affairs, and were never linked to other journals.
Then the cost of the government's dollar-linked debt, now about half the total, will soar.
The research also found dropout rates linked to race, income, and age.
His deadpan evocation of flat, bright figures had an everyday quality that linked them to commercial art and popular culture.
But no such catastrophe has been definitively linked to the shortage.
It's now being linked to the cause of autism, schizophrenia, and brain cancers.
Linked by common ancestry, stegosaurs and ankylosaurs were more closely related to each other than other kinds of dinosaurs.
Two scientists have linked climate variations to the collapse of societies around the globe.
Morphine acts on a part of the brain known as the opioid system, which is linked to pain, pleasure and addictive behaviors.
Having a mixed up body clock has been linked to a vast array of ailments, including obesity and bipolar disorder.
Last summer, two studies linked this temperature rise to stronger and more frequent hurricanes.
High blood pressure, obesity linked to memory loss in elderly.
In contrast, exposure to print media was linked to a lower risk for depression.
Exposure to pesticides in womb linked to learning disabilities.
Plenty of recipes tell you to discard the stems, including the linked one above, but try leaving them in.
It makes a little more work for the linker, but has the potential to seriously reduce and clarify which has been linked.
For reasons explained in the post on structural unemployment linked above, however, construction does look different.
The linked lives of two nineteenth-century stage stars.
But it also suggests that musical taste is linked to intelligence.
Blind-and-sighted jogging pairs, linked by a loop of rope.
The way individual insurance works now, risk and price are linked.
Her father's future and those of his doomed characters became, for her, inextricably linked.
Linked by the agony of fame, they view one another as peers.
It is linked up with changes in the room's temperature and adjusts itself accordingly.
He's focusing on a specific gene that was previously linked to impulsive violence.
Patterns of human variation can be linked to geography, and geographic ancestry can be linked to health risks.
The first exam had seemed to show thick areas of new connections in the rear cortex of his brain, a region linked to awareness.
Although he fathered a huge empire, there is no artifact that can be definitively linked to him.
Your linked graph shows two commodities, food and oil, and implies causation.
Over the last few years, scientists have discovered hundreds of genetic variants linked to disease.
The next step will be to sequence some of the candidate genes in order to figure out what the longevity-linked variants do.
To explore how specific parts of the genome have been linked to different diseases, click on one of the diseases above.
Already, studies have linked structural variants in the human genome with several different diseases.
Previous studies have identified large regions of the genome that appear to contain genetic variations linked to autism.
For example, in many cars, the door locking system and the crash detection system are linked.
We sat in the frigid ocean facing the sea with our arms linked, trying to stay together.
So it's no surprise they are directly linked to skin cancer.
For me an encyclopedia is a treasure map, a spur to conjecture, a set of linked clues.
Nonetheless, that past is linked to our present by a space of time which is startlingly brief.
The reader may wonder how the third of these subjects is linked with the other two.
The struggle to reform society there is linked with the struggle to prevent its deformation here.

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