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History often plays linguistic tricks on us, especially when it comes to rapidly changing technologies.
Vocabulary, for instance-older people know more words and understand subtle linguistic distinctions.
Linguistic patterns also suggest some significant intermixing.
Watch as he details efforts to sustain, value and revitalize linguistic diversity worldwide.
Until now, it was not known whether this precision in linguistic pitch transferred to musical tones.
Until they've crossed that linguistic threshold, the word-combination process doesn't kick in.
And linguistic capacities in babies are shaped by the environment they grow up in.
But the debate between those soft drink synonyms is a linguistic undercard in the nation's carbonated war of words.
Linguistic communication, as communicated through cartoons.
The fusion of the cognitive and linguistic sciences is proceeding at an exhilarating rate.
These experiments in linguistic variety could also inspire a better understanding of how language came about in the first place.
Furthermore, discussion groups establish unique norms of linguistic and social behavior so there are biases toward conformity.
So a sensible interpretation of genetic studies would in no way contradict linguistic and archaeological evidence.
Unlike national boundaries, linguistic boundaries should form only in the valleys of his colour globe, never over the hills.
Early studies of linguistic ability in apes concluded it was virtually non-existent.
Linguistic nationalism seems to be as natural as kin bonding.
But cultural and linguistic barriers also play a role.
There are linguistic reasons too why spelling reform is tricky to undertake.
Traditionalists are dismayed by rap's linguistic contortions.
Yet the common patent was long blocked by linguistic chauvinism.
And since books were circulated widely, they tended to act as linguistic standards.
The nationalists' linguistic dogmatism is provoking a backlash.
He is obviously well-practiced at this sort of scholarly and linguistic malpractice.
Truth is not merely linguistic, it must also involve the relationship between language and the world.
Politics is fertile ground for this sort of linguistic shape-shifting.
Our linguistic skills were fairly basic, but virtually all of us made it.
She was a master of linguistic lucidity and the keenly observed, often epiphanic detail.

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