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The shoe salesman has a lingo all of his own, quite incomprehensible to the average customer.
If you're interested in career options at the labs, don't worry about understanding the lingo.
His naming system, known as binomial nomenclature, became the standard scientific lingo and is still used today.
That's marketing lingo for what's essentially noise cancellation.
And your ability to speak and understand the lingo will serve you well during your next interview for a full-time position.
Rather than hiring an ebonics expert to understand the lingo of drug dealers, they'd be better off hiring a former drug dealer.
Goat is railroad lingo for the smaller locomotives used for moving rail cars around over short distances.
That's because the insular subculture of this thankless job requires a lingo almost as funky as the work itself.
We're talking standard boiler-plate lingo here--nothing to get upset about.
Honestly, it seems to me that you're the one playing lingo tricks.
Maybe it's the top-gun lingo and ramrod driving posture.
What would really be a good study is to measure how often chat lingo creeps into more formal writing.
Keeping up with the latest rough-and-tough football lingo.
The bureaucratic tangles and mysterious lingo of the health care industry make filling out income tax forms seem simple.
DJs started developing their own unique spiels and used all kinds of street lingo.
It was ultimate candor, it was the body's lingo, it was low tide in his inner ear.
It is kind of an inside lingo for techies and people who use technology.
It does not apply so much to those whose native lingo is different from that of the country they live or travel in.
In the lingo of linguists, the smallest meaningful chunks in a word are called morphemes.
Third, the cognitive school is firmly grounded in the lingo of the cognitive revolution.
Ford has determined that each resident pod speaks a lingo that's distinct even from the language of other pods living nearby.
Brush up on hot dog lingo before you pull in to the world's largest drive-in.
But-it is not his voice that enthralls his fans, it is his lingo.
As with any new genre, there's lots of lingo to learn in order to speak the language of pre-conception fluently.
In-flight tutorials are helping travelers learn the local lingo before they arrive.
So if you want to pick up a new lingo, take a new tack.
In computer science lingo, that's called universality.
The scientific lingo also is waiting the brave one that want decode it.
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