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The goal, of course, is to see where their eyes move and where they linger and then devise ways to get them to linger longer.
It signals they're okay with any awkwardness that might linger.
Materials they intended to review lie unattended in their laps while they linger in the previous night.
He was in no hurry, and he liked to linger by the wayside.
They will, however, not be allowed to linger long at the table.
It can linger for many days and defy attempts to remove it.
There are intriguing stops along each of these lines, leaving it up to the traveler to decide how long to linger en route.
The ridges can linger in a region for several days, warming the air and clearing away clouds.
His horse was unnerved by the shadows and scents, so he did not linger.
The endorphins linger, delightfully, for hours afterwards.
They linger over the sweetness of particulars-vetch, the feel of an eel on a line.
All policies have drawbacks, and those that help economies to absorb a shock will also tend to make the damaging effects linger.
What began as a tragedy and turned into a spectacle will linger as a nuisance.
The bought firm's bosses may be asked to linger in well-paid but largely symbolic roles.
Questions also linger over the treatment of lenders.
For all but mild afflictions vaccinating large portions of a population is cheaper than letting an illness linger.
Yet the effects of certain wishes in the distant past did linger.
Even better, geese won't linger, because they fear predators could be hiding.
But questions are going to linger as long as everyone has to rely on that three-hour peek at his tax returns.
They used to linger and chat in the lobby before strolling casually to their seats.
It was a bit salty at first and left a slightly fatty mouthfeel that made the smokiness linger even longer.
Symptoms may linger even after the migraine has gone away.
Radiation also can linger in the environment for thousands of years, depending on the type of radiation that's released.
At night, couples can linger while romantic standards play over the loudspeakers.
In stagnant air, pollutant particles linger and can cause problems for people.
She'll casually put her hand on your arm during conversation and let it linger there.
There are no signs that his injury is serious or will linger.
The longer he goes without winning a full-field event, the longer the questions will linger about his play.
But it seems that fears over the fallout from the country's nuclear plants linger almost a year later.
Linger a while when you are there to experience the benefits for you and your family.

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