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Example sentences for lineup

But no matter how their team fares, one longtime group of tailgaters always has a winning lineup.
We've collected a winning lineup of fall recipes featuring the season's star ingredient: the pumpkin.
But the vehicle throughput in the station would be thirty seconds per car making a ten-car lineup only a five minute wait.
See how they get smaller and smaller, he says, waving a hand over the lineup.
The only evidence is that you survive and pick the guy out of a lineup.
We've got a full lineup of events that are sure to keep you busy.
Over the years, their sound has changed almost as often as their lineup.
The fact that each outfit has a lineup strikingly different from the one that made it famous is strictly a quibble for die-hards.
But if they turn out to be all-the-rage, then the company can expand that lineup instead.
Ski right up to a chairlift with no lineup, then find a run all to yourself for the ski back down.
Upstairs gallery offers cultural lineup of plays, films, and art exhibits.
First, the infamous triple turn signal stalk that's appeared across the lineup has got to go.
Or perhaps a handful of free tracks to choose from an entire festival's lineup, with the complete collection put on sale.
It will be difficult to recount the starting lineup.
Names of the lineup members and the source of the photographs or people in the lineup.
Witness a simulated crime, then try to identify the suspect from a lineup.
Police often ask eyewitnesses to pick a suspect out of a lineup or an array of photos.
Results suggest that the sequential lineup advantage is dependent on lineup composition and suspect position.
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