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Or a linen type of fabric, a light canvas, or even textured wall paper.
It's also a great way to use up any extra cotton or linen fabric.
Linen is your friend, because it can get quite warm.
Demand for linen and silk is depressed by the artificially low price of cotton.
The newfound shroud was something of a patchwork of simply woven linen and wool textiles, the study found.
By the time the stove is on its legs, he gets reckless and takes off his old coat regardless of his linen.
Then the figures-each made of linen bundles wrapped in wire armatures-were painstakingly cleaned and repaired.
At night, dress up jeans and a linen shirt with a turquoise-studded belt or brooch.
The cards are high quality linen stock and their art is colorful and well-printed.
For the royal weddings of the past, the celebratory crockery and linen in shops was starchy and deferential.
She is barefoot and dressed in a yellow linen shift.
The shirt is usually white, intricately embroidered and plaited and made of cotton or linen.
He also worked with bark from other trees, as well as scraps of hemp, linen rags and even fishnets.
Or a linen closet that's been close enough to a bathtub.
Although no linen bandages were found, they believe the lion had been mummified.
Obtained from wood ashes, potash is also a valuable source for bleaching linen and scouring wool in the textile industry.
Soft and lustrous, it is now commonly used for linen or lace.
Mauve linen napkins were decorated with self-covered linen buttons.
The rest of the body, except for his protruding feet, remains shrouded in a linen cover.
White linen gaiters over brogans are the best, boots offering too much reflection to the sun's rays.
But overall, cash-strapped consumers are buying more burgers in paper bags and fewer steaks served on white linen.
The shade is constructed by covering the frame with paper or stretching cotton, linen or silk over it.
Fine linen is as great a delight to the housewife now as it was in the days when she spun and wove it herself.
The mummies were all wrapped in well-spun ancient linen.
Don't forget to swap the paper napkins for washable, organic linen ones.
Store in a dry linen closet or cabinet, along with a small scoop or plastic measuring spoon.
Creatures were wrapped in linen or papyrus to serve as a human mummy's best friends.
She longed to try crossing the linen threads and weaving the cobwebby patterns.
Oh yeah, stocking up on cheesecloth and light linen cloths to wrap up the citrus trees.
Linen is included in the price though you must provide your own padlock for your locker.
At bath time, she would lie in the tub and stare at the linen closet, which she thought housed a devil.
Worth likes dresses that have little frilly collars, and does them sometimes in linen, sometimes in printed silks.
While some of the mummies were wrapped only in plain linen, others were elaborately painted and gilded.
Some of the latter were as finely woven as a modern linen tablecloth.
It had been shellacked and mounted on linen, with a wooden pole attached at the bottom, presumably to bestow a more artistic air.
He favors foppish linen suits and drops names of the fast crowd he once ran with.
Cotton print dresses, soft skirts and a natural linen jacket.
Pale yellow flames swayed from squat white candles on white linen.
In the middle room, linen and raw-silk blankets sit with seersucker pillowcases atop cotton sheets.
Linen supplies are a significant cost of business for these establishments.

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