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The linear rhythm of the planters' sides repeats in the interlocking bench seat.
Shortly after you move away from the entrance, you're propelled upward at high speed by the linear motor.
Linear time disappears in favor of a poetic meditation upon the object, and within it, a curious juxtaposition of imagery.
To be sure, there is neither a simple nor linear cause-and-effect relationship between social psychology and historical events.
In the steam era a giant engine powered a central rotating shaft, and machine tools ran off pulleys in long linear factories.
Without a linear, alphabetically organized text, one can't count seven nouns ahead.
Tells how epidemics do not follow linear patterns.
What's more, the relationship between bird extinctions and warming is not linear.
So paintings were made up of irregular, interpenetrating ink washes and scattered linear accents.
But the linear nature of the narrative refuses connections, and time and again wobbly detail saps the reader's faith.
Linear thinking is not only consistent with creativity, without it creativity doesn't work.
What about those professions in which lengthy, linear writing still matters.
The fact is today's students are growing up in a networked world and not a linear-controlled-top-down world.
The successful candidate for the lecturer position will teach courses in calculus, linear algebra, and statistics.
He is capable of participating in linear conversational exchanges.
Which isn't to say his thoughts come out in linear equations.
People keep having such a linear concept of evolution even among people who should know better.
Here our mental functioning is focused, linear and well-bounded.
In other words, an ant's tendency to turn towards a pheromone deposit is related in a non-linear fashion to the concentration.
Human voice and music are linear flows of information.
If you made it non-linear, it should discourage rapid fluctuation and tend towards price stability.
The linear inch measurement is calculated by adding together your bag's breadth, depth and height.
In this non-linear format, your skills and achievements are emphasized.
According to the expression for the period above, this should be linear.
And it's a fundamentally different take on problem-solving than the linear, read-the-manual-first approach of their parents.
Human minds have a lot of practice with linear patterns.
On the receiving end, the human ear-a non-linear device with enormous dynamic range-adds to the complication.
We can then trust their creativity and originality to provide the non-linear aspects of learning.
So even in this linear trend world, the best solution would be to increase taxes, not cuts.
The novel's structure, which follows the seasons over the course of a year, is not driven by a linear sense of plot.
Buttonwood is spot on in his lack of confidence in linear projecting.
Let's treat them as a non-linear derivative: the vanilla option.
Biologists and laymen alike think of the genome as linear.
We never sort of live our lives in a linear fashion.
Today, that is visibly no longer the case and many see our world as inherently complex and non-linear.
Modelling the internal flow patterns on a much reduced scale is a highly non-linear business.
The economy is not even remotely describable by continuous linear functions.
Many events in biology are considered straightforward, with one reaction begetting another in a linear, predictable way.
In other words, the genetic architecture in this sense is a linear system.
The boulders and such inside this plume then fall back to the ground, making linear chains of secondary craters.
Surprisingly, these changes didn't unfold in a smooth, linear process.
Notice how the linear ridge, marked by shadow, within the crater lines up almost exactly with those broad features.
One can do a lot in microeconomics without going further than linear algebra.
They can help with such topics as linear equations and factoring.
There is absolutely nothing linear, down to the smallest sampling times, or even up to the million year epochs.
For a substance to change state it requires a non-linear application of energy to achieve that state change.
There are some reasons to be hopeful, such as the fact that progress toward this goal seems to be exponential rather than linear.
Jacobs hits another switch and the rocket shoots ahead sharply, powered by a linear induction motor.
Hitting those would leave long, linear gouges in the surface.
They built a huge linear-induction catapult, powered by solar panels and built with local materials.
It is impossible to tell whether it is exponential or linear within the noise.
Same with high school math, where you learn about non-linear functions.
He has deep cuts above his right ear and dark linear scars on his forehead.
The monkeys were housed in groups of four, automatically prompting them to establish a linear hierarchy of dominance.
One of the charms of the stock-option culture is that it scrambles the usual linear relationship between status and wealth.
Most people can't perceive the future beyond linear development of current technology.

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