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Example sentences for linchpin

But let's not forget the linchpin accessory for the schoolyard fashionista-the lunchbox.
The linchpin of the process of producing and disseminating scholarship is peer review.
Almost immediately, there were unmistakable signs that new surveillance tools would be a linchpin in the war on terrorism.
But the linchpin of the administration's effort is a broad push to support small businesses.
After all, writing cogent the-sky-is-falling commentary is the linchpin of his for-profit website.
Hardware, and the proprietary software that animates our that hardware, is the linchpin in shaping consumer behavior.
Recycling is the way of nature and apoptosis, or programmed cell suicide, is the linchpin of the body's recycling program.
In her biography, she says that she was the family linchpin, providing everything from discipline to carpools.
The system, known as peer review, is now considered a linchpin of science.
When her husband was away, she became the family linchpin, providing everything from discipline to carpools.
The necessity of balancing risk and reward is a key to rational investment decisions and a linchpin of market self-regulation.
The court indicated that the linchpin of this drug testing program is to protect the health of the students involved.
The organization of services for adults with severe mental disorders is the linchpin of effective treatment.
The nation is depending on community colleges to be the linchpin to produce an essential, highly skilled workforce.
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