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So may heaven's grace clear away the foam from the conscience, that the river of thy thoughts may roll limpid thenceforth.
Limpid sententiousness is often more poisonous than ordinary turgidity.
These benefit from her limpid tone and her sensual stage presence.
With its absence of propulsive drumming, this chamber jazz is still too limpid for some.
We went wandering through the woods, and came to a limpid and shallow stream a matter of three yards wide.
Her face was smooth and unscarred, but the fine lines of care were beginning to etch the limpid ivory of her complexion.
Millet's drawings are limpid and nuanced, with a remarkable feel for light and the weight of things.
Their limpid and listless endeavors to fall in with the spirit of farce are almost painful and pathetic.
Bouquet offers a limpid and deft performance, his quick shifts of emotion creating a chill all their own.
They are impressive precisely because they sound so natural, so limpid.
The centenarian has limpid eyes and a crown of white hair.
The bees are droning among the forget-me-nots that grow along shore, and the swans arch their necks in the limpid stream.
He didn't curse or drink, and would have paled at the prospect of a heroin needle violating his limpid veins.
They seem to siphon their belief in themselves from a limpid pool.
Tea candles cast cozy puddles of limpid light here and there.
It is a voice limpid, fresh and beautifully adapted to coloratura parts.

Famous quotes containing the word limpid

The heart of the wise man lies quiet like limpid water.... more
There were no clouds, the sun was going down in a limpid, gold-washed sky. Just as the lower edge of the re... more
Whenever we awoke in the night, still eking out our dreams with half-awakened thoughts, it was not till after an interva... more
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