limo in a sentence

Example sentences for limo

It bounces off the limo and into the road, where it explodes under the next vehicle in the motorcade.
Their limo arrived at their prom with adoring onlookers.
They won't even ride in the same stretch limo together.
People who have been inside say that the limo is eerily serene, as if the outside world were on mute.
By the time your limo's back from one service, he jokes, it will need another.
The list of potential successors, should he fall under a limo, is impressive.
It's probably better to hire a limo than to drive and park sometimes.
At the same time, he wanted the five-star hotel and the limo at his beck and call.
They begin shouting when they see his limo pull up the drive.
We ride downtown in a white stretch limo with yellow lights on the sides.
Rather, they all contract with town car and limo companies.
They insisted that the fictional first children go to school by limo, not minivan as she suggested.
If you plan to hire a limo or town car to celebrate, make sure it's licensed and legitimate.
Make sure the limo you hire is licensed by the state.
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