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In the short term, you should spend your limited willpower budget wisely.
Cuomo concluded that many college-sponsored plans were inadequate, offering extremely limited coverage for students.
Be aware that access to certain roads is restricted during peak times and that parking is limited.
The world won't run short of petroleum in the next few decades, but there's a limited supply of easy-to-reach oil.
And limited train service means many employees cannot get to work.
The service is still in a preview mode, meaning that only a limited number of people have been allowed in.
More than half the region's firms say limited access to electricity, telecoms and transport is a problem for business.
The archive will be available for a limited period of time.
State-legislated programs for the donation of unused drugs have seen limited success.
His writing showed that he had a great mind and a limited character.
And tall pots make it easier for gardeners with limited mobility to tend crops without kneeling or squatting.
But evidence from ancient skeletons has been limited.
The president is limited to one six-year term of office.
Others were conscripted for a limited time from local villages.
It would have been impossible to address the many possible scenarios for future consumption in this limited space.
Growing underground, tubers are not limited by the rest of the plant.
The specialist may also be asked to teach on a limited basis.
Tourism development is largely concentrated in only a few places and is limited in its visual impact.
Several drugs help to wean cocaine addicts from their physical dependency, but the compounds are limited in effectiveness.
They have limited the availability of fishing licenses.
Each seminar has a limited number of seats and requires an additional taste ticket, available on-site only.
Research interests may include but are not limited to host-vector pathogen relationships and transmission biology.
But it was tricky to judge distance in the alien landscape, and stiff spacesuit gloves limited how fast he could work.
Editors at some houses have limited authority to depart from house style.
These technologies are currently in the early stages and may be limited in their application.
Free, but space is limited and seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
But they limited the landscape architect's planting choices.
The old set-up limited the days fishermen could be at sea.
Discoveries of new species aren't limited to the remote depths of the unexplored oceans, though.
Local nurseries sometimes offer limited design services.
Some animal populations engage in destructive and aggressive behavior when in a limited space or crowded place.
Wider availability of the sewing machine and limited resources forced everyday people to become seamstresses and craftsmen.
Limited food, but you can order in appetizers from the neighboring restaurant.
And because these systems cannot stray from their canned phrases, their abilities are limited.
Nurseries carry seedlings of many winter vegetables, but their selections may be limited.
They compete with one another for limited resources: brain time or bandwidth.
They completed a comprehensive and respectful makeover in four months on a limited budget.
Free, but registration is required and space is limited.
He keeps a limited number of objects on display and changes them every few months.
Smaller, more numerous carnivores would have seriously limited its feeding opportunities.
Space is limited and reservations are required for these screenings.
At first they seem of limited interest, but eventually they completely overturn existing products and markets.
But a proposal to allow limited fishing for scientific purposes was struck down by the panel.
Locations in the gazetteer are limited to features labeled on the maps.
If you're geographically limited in any way, then you're committing suicide.
Curbs imposed after the accounting debacle limited the damage this time.
All the sci-fi items are limited editions and will be available on the convention floor while supplies last.
None had their food intake artificially limited or, as with livestock, ramped up.
The board's powers are limited so that ordinary shareholders have little sway over the running of the company.
But her comprehension of what drives him is limited.
It is not limited to hands but can involve the entire body as well as other objects located nearby.
Nostalgia is not limited to any culture, stage of life or state of mental health.
Reducing unemployment and income inequality are key policy concerns, but the resources to tackle them are limited.
He is a wily politician, but his room for manoeuvre is limited.
Sales will be limited to mall security and wildlife reservations.
It has always been a major tactic of these types of people to argue against those who have limited ability to argue back.
The impact of fossil fuel harvesting on dams and water supply is not limited to coal mining.
The negotiation comes from how one can be rooted in a community, but not limited by it.
After a limited-time, the diamond will be returned to its original, historic setting.
Oralism is a limited approach while the other is a multi-disciplinary approach.
Her abilities are limited because her total brainpower, compared to humans, is limited.
Instead of limiting the amount of emissions, the bill limited only the rate of emissions, and only in the dirtiest power plants.
Its answers to questions were canned and its interpretive powers were extremely limited.
It may be that females need to control the limited supply to meet the nutritional demands of pregnancy and lactation.
The system depends on harvesting a limited number of rhinos under permits issued by the government.
The museum is small and is usually remains locked-up as there is limited interest from the locals in its contents.
Narwhals may be imperiled because of their genetic homogeneity, limited diet and fixed migration patterns.
Limited range of motion is a term meaning that a specific joint or body part cannot move through its normal range of motion.
Below, it is limited by the posterior ramus of the lateral fissure, which intervenes between it and the central lobe.
They are covered by smooth and vascular mucous membrane, which is remarkable for its limited sensibility.
The knowledge of character possessed by a single individual is of necessity limited.
The distribution of the axons and dendrites of all three sets of cells is limited to the molecular layer.
The gliding movement consists in a limited shifting of the cricoid on the thyroid in different directions.
So the response has been limited, often too slow and sometimes contradictory.
Expectation-driven policy is an uncertain affair: the upside is limited, but if it isn't credible it can have no effect at all.
As a result, electric cars no longer require drivers to buy expensive batteries or to worry about limited driving distance.
They are calm in part because the concessions on privacy are expected to be limited.
Yet these were not civilian trials but military tribunals with limited legal rights for the defendants.
Because of their size, and the relative scarcity of specialised teachers, course offerings have been limited.
But few remain quite so excited when they see the often-limited performance and inflated price tags.
For a limited time, you can make your new toy even more annoying by choosing the limited-edition glow-in-the-dark version.
The curse of broadcast technologies is that they are profligate users of limited resources.
It's important, because this game is starting its life in the arcades, where you have a limited time to sit and play.
And even if the courses are great, they have limited value without some kind of credential to back them up.
For example, some scientists have fretted over the world's limited supplies of rock phosphate, which is used in agriculture.
Discussions about access to college should no longer be limited to whether or not students can pay the tuition.
As they try to make limited dollars go further, they naturally push back on policies such as publication-driven tenure.
Even when the book only offers a limited preview, often it is enough to decide whether or not to get the book from my library.
Based on the limited info provided, you seem to be wanting to help kids.
Your time for questions at a preliminary interview will be limited, so you will want to choose your questions more carefully.
And they're the hottest segment in the lodging business: upscale limited-service hotels.
Today, his ability to speak is limited, and he can't do things such as drive a car.
At home, the students can be limited by controls parents place.
He's had limited left-tackle experience dating back to college.
Online maps are limited in detail, design, and size.
For people and wildlife alike, fresh water means life-but supplies are limited.
Other inputs and fish density are also carefully limited to avoid compromising water quality or degrading the environment.
They are, he said, based on limited samples of water salinity and temperature collected over five decades.
But the amount of chicks she can produce is limited by the number of eggs the parents can incubate.
In waders and shorebirds, which have large eggs for their body size, clutches are usually limited to a maximum of four eggs.
Those worries, experts say, are not limited to human health.
Energy had previously been expensive and severely limited, but nuclear energy is comparatively cheap and effectively unlimited.
The team plans to conduct limited excavations and search for additional archaeological sites nearby.
Access to the interior rain forest and forest people is limited.
They weaken the bird's eggshells and severely limited their ability to reproduce.
The camp is free, but there are a limited number of spots, so campers are selected through an application process.
Selections are limited to multidestination enterprises with strong sustainability policies and practices.
Compared with more free-ranging louse relatives, the body louse has a much more limited range-both biologically and genetically.
The earthquake brought further destruction to the country's limited infrastructure.
Copyrights and patents must be seriously curbed and limited.
As the joint capsule stretches, its expansion is limited by a number of factors.
Traditional laboratory mice have a limited number of alleles-that is, different versions of the same gene.
Though limited, this work gave rise to some speculation.
Their study provides the strongest evidence to date that spiritual thinking arises in, or is limited by, specific brain areas.
Adult stem cells have limitations and as a result, are limited in their effectiveness in modern therapies.
Had the tape not been running, our food-allusive slang for big shot might still be limited to big cheese.
Our efforts are directed toward the attainment of more limited hopes.
And in the context of transportation, residents in food hinterlands are limited.
Obviously the form and style are no longer limited to our own country.
Of course, the benefits of such an implant are not limited to outer space.
Singleton intends to focus all of the district's limited resources on academics.
My limited reading on the subject suggests that, psychologically speaking, they're regarded as different things.
Many utilities have been trying for years to get their customers to be more energy-efficient, with limited success.
Historic recessions are historically rare, by definition, which leaves policy makers with limited options.
His readers were limited to the select group who received his poems, privately printed on broadsheets or bound in folders.
Subversive thoughts aren't limited to his blatant protest songs of long ago.
Health insurance is limited in what it covers and far from universal, so getting sick can be a costly proposition.
In that limited geography, the bicycle is the prevalent form of mechanized transport.
The overlap between the two companies is limited, and so are the opportunities for cost-cutting.
The lack of references means that the book is of limited use to future researchers and writers.
But property rights need to be limited to be effective.
Since there is a limited amount of space on city streets, trade-offs have to be made.
By the same token, keeping the number of people around him small limited the chance of his presence being exposed.
My impression, possibly incorrect, is of a country with limited natural resources and an uneducated population.
But there are so many injustices, and limited educational resources.
The right people were photographed carrying it, supply was limited, and different colors were sent to different territories.
They were survivors of a shipwreck on a life raft with limited provisions.
It was also something about the particular nature of the characters-they are fairly provincial and limited.
Obesity, limited roaming space, and lack of companionship are thought to contribute to the early deaths.
Our treatment options were limited, but there were options.
Yes, he says, but how much less is impossible to know because climate models are so limited.
Hence, their cognitive capacity should be extremely limited.
Since the injections were limited to one muscle, dramatic results aren't expected.
But because the production of the activator depletes the precursor, the production of the activator will eventually be limited.
Its effects were limited to language-but within that narrow sphere, its effects were profound.
They're limited at birth to a specific range of skills, and those skills are notoriously fragile.
Many astronomers took up the hunt using the limited telescopes of the day.
They are not limited by their equipment, they are limited by their own ability to learn to use it.
It seems that quantum news travels instantaneously, limited by no external constraints-not even the speed of light.
The study, because of its limited data set, can't address the question of consciousness.
As a major energy source, the battery is limited by supply of and access to freshwater.
These are regions where crops are currently cold-limited.
But this is all a vast stretch of my limited knowledge of undergraduate physical chemistry.
Having even a crude map in advance of the encounter will help scientists plan their limited time more carefully.
The new study is more limited in scope, focusing on treatment that is easier to study and less problematic.
As a result, the number of cell lines available to researchers who receive federal funding are few and of limited robustness.
However, the panoramic photos these services offer provide only a limited perspective.
The process is slow and expensive and can only be used to make a limited range of shapes.
The new study was written three months after treating the patients, both of whom have degenerative eye diseases and limited sight.
The quality of the resulting picture is limited by the screen's refresh rate.
Social scientists have studied the nature of effective leadership for centuries with limited success.
Limited green coloring suggests that few pig blood vessels are present.
But in the last few years, a growing body researchers have begun to explore the possibility that this definition is too limited.
They are limited to materials with the electrochemical properties necessary for battery electrodes.
Over the past few years, however, researchers have been limited by the lithographic process used to fabricate storage materials.
The software is currently available to a limited number of beta users.
Although the surgery has a high success rate, the supply of donor tissue is limited, and wait lists can be long.
Production has been limited in many cases to specialty chemicals or niche products.
One thing holding back electric vehicles is their limited range, due to the large size of battery packs and the cost of batteries.
So these thin-film batteries have been limited to use in small devices.
Cells do self-organize to some extent, but such top-down attempts have had limited success.
But they're expensive, and the distance they can power a car is limited.
Without color, reflective displays will be limited to niche markets, he says.
Reflective displays are limited to ambient light, and that loss can't be recovered.
But the limited number of available colors wasn't enough to create a detailed picture of the millions of neurons in the brain.
The capacity of lithium-ion batteries is limited by the amount of lithium that can be stored in electrodes.
That's great for creating cheap plastic toys with a limited spatial resolution.
New capacitors can avoid age-limited liquid electrolytes.
Of course, literacy was limited in the eighteenth century, and those who could read had limited access to books.
The authors of a book can explore issues deeply-without being limited by the ticking clock.
Amnesty cannot thus be limited and granted case by case.
Of course an interpretive account would not be limited by such conventional understandings.
External activities were limited to no more than eight hours per week.
But without one, they were in danger of becoming a dwindling protest movement with a limited concentration of militant supporters.
But the motion of the camera is not limited to the zoom.
All are games of a gambler playing with a limited stake against a house with infinite resources.
Selection is also limited by funding and available shelf space, and often is age- and time-sensitive.
The subsidy is limited to nine months and available only to those without another source of group health insurance.

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