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In autumn, the leaves drop to reveal the bare limbs.
In other words, humans coordinate locomotion of the lower limbs with voluntary movements of the upper limbs.
Half will likely experience damage to the nerves in their limbs.
Many mice and other small animals caught by glue traps end up gnawing off limbs or tearing skin in an attempt to escape.
Baker steps down into the crowd, now a sea of limbs holding digital cameras and angling for a keepsake shot.
Toilet paper clings to the bushes and tree limbs five or six feet up from the rushing stream.
Clients are sometimes led out onto limbs and abandoned there.
After he worked out, his old limbs trembled and his face stayed purple for twenty minutes.
In the wind their limbs cast, creak against each other, snap.
People have been knocked out of boats, received broken limbs from being attacked by these fish.
Cancer will be cured, and artificial limbs will outperform natural ones.
As for adults,, nature always finds something to do with limbs.
He seems to have sensors attached to his limbs and his head, and he reacts instantly to threats.
Kids in her lap and her arms wrapped around them even after their limbs had grown longer than her own.
The different parts of a horse's limbs must be clearly understood.
He carried equipment and arranged the limbs of the dead in more pleasing compositions.
And keep these limbs, her provinces, from dissolution.
The pool for my limbs to fathom, my soul's last school.
Doth couch his limbs, there golden sleep doth reign.
Making artificial limbs that can perform gross motor functions is relatively easy.
Practicing paradiddles between different limbs helps you become more independent between those limbs.
There's also the tricky problem of the ocean having all that watery stuff, and fish having no limbs.
His barrel-shaped body and short limbs help him retain heat.
The fur on the animals' limbs and heads was applied to a latex backing that was stretched over the puppet.
She never, however, lost her ballet posture or a dancer's awareness of her limbs in space.
There are scores of patients whose limbs or skulls were crushed or mangled when buildings collapsed.
Her limbs had been resculpted, and her cleavage astonishingly enhanced.
He appears elastic, with long limbs that he spools and unspools.
Scientists say the find will help shed light on how early animals evolved limbs from fins.
Living four-legged creatures rest and sleep in various postures, but only birds and a subset of mammals rest on folded limbs.
The face becomes sunken and the limbs wizened while fat piles up elsewhere.
The strange physiology of these short limbs has given rise to several competing hypotheses about the ancient animal's behavior.
Lizards from this population had grown longer hind limbs.
And one other interesting bit of anatomy about this new animal is its limbs, its fore and hind limbs.
Flaps of skin connecting limbs to body provide a winglike surface.
One of the differences students may note is that humans walk on two legs and apes use all four of their limbs.
They possess no nervous system or breathing apparatus, nor do they have limbs or the capacity to move.
The skulls of sauropods are small and delicate compared with the creatures' limbs and vertebrae.
Many males sport serious scars or even missing limbs thought to be related to their violent encounters.
Only a few of those who lost limbs, relatives or land received much recognition.
Most are now over, leaving behind millions of survivors, many short of one or more limbs.
He points out that plenty of research has been done into another kind of bodily illusion, phantom limbs.
In both cities, children hobble all day on old hand-me-down crutches, dragging their withered limbs behind them.
The president's opponents risk their liberty, livelihood and limbs, if not lives.
These muscles have some involvement in normal arm and leg movement, as the body's whole posture changes when the limbs move.
War veterans have cast off medals and prosthetic limbs in anger.
The rebels' leaders, who are known for chopping off limbs, may have a tough job establishing their popularity.
Paraplegics slither to the collector's feet on broken limbs.
His lean limbs and white face were his only language.
Even adherents of sedate sub-cults such as yoga are liable to have their limbs damagingly contorted by maverick instructors.
Many of those who suffer from this disease have burning sensations in their limbs, particularly at night.
The motion of the limbs seemed to forge new connections in the brain, as though the body taught the brain.
The world has said if you get your diamonds by cutting off limbs, you don't get to move your goods.
The only thing that would go against that theory would be their short limbs.
It also suggests that articulated limbs with joints may be the best evolutionary solution for such motion, the researchers argue.
Bizarre gait could aid design of prosthetic limbs.
The concept has also helped some amputees alleviate pain in phantom limbs.
New studies show how such mental maps blur with age and readily extend to accommodate bionic limbs.
It is simply a matter of getting one's limbs below the center of gravity before extending them.
Science fiction also sometimes holds out a promise that future medicine will be able to regenerate lost limbs.
Numbness or pain in the other limbs and sluggish digestion are also common.
Tangled, ghostly limbs barely tickle the water's surface from below.
Although hippo teeth look rather different, the two groups have in common a number of features in the skull, lower jaw and limbs.
It featured glitter, ashes, severed limbs and crazy costumes.
Phantom limbs and out-of-body experiences must surely tell us something about how the brain constructs body image.
We begin with phantom limbs-the sensation that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body.
We watch news reports of wounded veterans learning to walk with prosthetic limbs.
It was below me, drifting towards me from the furthest level where there was no life, a dark oval trailing limbs.
It's time to reattach the limbs and let the church be the church in the twenty-first century.
Improving technologies set up a strange counterbalance for people with prothetic limbs.
The aim of the work has been to give paralyzed patients the ability to control prosthetic limbs and simple communication tools.
Goats consistently put more of their body weight on their limbs.
They live in the environment with no shelter other than tree limbs and their only warmth is that of another chimp or their hair.
If the creature is facing the player, it will manipulate the limbs differently than if the creature is to the side.
Amputees and paralysed people could gain full and intuitive control of artificial limbs.
In snakes, the change was even more radical: they lost all four of their limbs.
Birds only need two limbs for flying, leaving their remaining two relatively free to land and walk around on the ground.
In addition to nausea, symptoms include headaches and trouble locating your own limbs.
With muscles and limbs on both sides of their bodies, animals could move forward quickly and efficiently.
Its limbs had the fin rays of its fishy predecessors but clear wrist bones and basic fingers too.
People with lost limbs can still feel those limbs, sometimes.
Their weapons are a pair of limbs on either side of their heads that have been converted into slime guns.
Within a few hours, it is nothing but a head and limbs.
Some tree cutters were working in the area, removing limbs.
They can be suspended from trees limbs and left to flutter in the breeze, or they can decorate the walls or windows.
Ice built up on tree limbs, causing them to snap and crash down on electrical lines.
There was this incredibly bestial practice of cutting off limbs, chopping arms and hands.
But they don't stop at giving people prosthetic limbs.
He couldn't coordinate his limbs well enough to catch a big beach ball.
Scores of children have had limbs amputated to survive.
Militarily, savvy and savage guerrilla movements have learned how to bleed us of money, lives and limbs.

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