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On the other hand, that leaves the country in a nervous state of limbo for nearly three months.
Still, uncertainty looms because of volatile prices and regulatory limbo.
Academia has become a limbo for fools and masochists.
It symbolises a legal limbo into which no law-abiding society should ever willingly stray.
All the while, millions of forest residents are hanging in limbo.
For now, the tiny tyrant sits in paleontological limbo.
But works created during the four decades in between live in limbo.
Guantanamo might not rate as a tourist spot, but it's proved the ideal place for keeping the detainees in legal limbo.
Many other restored films languish in a limbo of restricted access.
Promised reforms to bank regulation, meant to curb the excess before it starts all over again, are in limbo.
Others stay in limbo because of lawsuits filed by conservationists.
The ranks of failed asylum-seekers in limbo are swelling.
The church has run into financial problems that have left the construction project in limbo.
Therefore, you have no security and you are in complete limbo.
But at the moment, agriculture has been caught in limbo.
Of the more than half-dozen film projects currently in the works, some are inching forward while others are caught in limbo.
Today work has yet to begin and the plan is still in limbo.
Now they have had other offers and can not accept an offer from anyone else and their in limbo.
Reports of fraud led the government to investigate and close a handful of colleges, which left hundreds of students in limbo.
Many regions of the developing world exist in a strange technological limbo.
The status of the land it had bought was thrown into legal limbo.
Yet the limbo of living together without official status for her began to chafe on him.
The government also wants to restart nuclear power plants that have been shut down for scheduled maintenance but are now in limbo.
And as the recession drags on, ever more youngsters are likely to find themselves left in economic limbo.
It's better to get the bad news and start doing something about it rather than languish in limbo.
Two major plans for the harbor are now in limbo, having been subject to a barrage of legal and popular complaints.
They live in limbo, waiting for a family to want them enough to adopt them legally and forever.

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