limbic system in a sentence

Example sentences for limbic system

Our higher-level skills of synthesis and evaluation are controlled by the limbic system, where our emotions are seated.
In fact, the limbic system as well as the neocortex remains largely undeveloped.
He found a group of cells within it that connect directly to the limbic system, the brain's emotion-generating area.
Basic emotions, such as fear, are regulated in part of the brain called the limbic system.
The process of swearing is strongly based on the right hemisphere's ties to the limbic system.
The part that does not want to stop is the limbic system or the survival portion of the brain.
Perhaps regions in the brain stem or limbic system play a larger role in how someone deals with stress during a task.
It's because those stress pathways in the limbic system feed into the reward centers, and they drive reward-seeking behaviors.
Both form part of the limbic system, responsible for the emotions, and sensations such as motivation and reward.
The limbic system is the part of the brain that's involved in emotions and moods.
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