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Limber pine, with flexible twigs and needles in groups of five, may also be a part of subalpine forests.
All in all this was light and limber music, played with a casualness that belied its complexity.
It might even spur some in the web's paunchier quarters to limber up.
While still exacting, he seems mellower, though as limber and kinetic as ever.
Use mild stretching exercises to keep them limber and moving.
Now he has reported to camp, feeling more limber than he has in years.
His limber voice was weaker, but the eyes remained alert.
Stand it up to create a hip new office chair that keeps you limber all day long.
It's conceivable that these species needed to be so oddly limber while they were still embryos, to curl their necks up in the egg.
His muscles are limber, the rhythm steady, and then his shovel hits something not dirt.
His body might have been in agony, but his fan radar was as limber as ever.
Cinder cones support three different plant communities: cinder garden, shrub, and limber pine and/or juniper trees.
The area includes a wide variety of vegetation types including limber pine stands, thick aspen stands and wet meadows.

Famous quotes containing the word limber

We want some coat woven of elastic steel, stout as the first, and limber as the second. We want a ship in t... more
We shall exchange our material thinking for something quite different, and we shall all be kin. We shall all be enfranch... more
The land is numb. It stands beneath the feet, and one may come Walking securely, till the sea extends Its limbermore
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