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Example sentences for limbed

Wood had the quivering intensity and speed of a greyhound himself, and the same lean, long-limbed physique.
Previously the only four-limbed creatures known to lack lungs were salamanders.
The cause of the four-limbed locomotion, however, is a bone of contention among the researchers.
One of the few remaining signs of their limbed heritage is the presence of vestigial hips imprisoned in the rib cage.
Squirts probably don't need any more reasons to envy their longer-limbed neighbors.
The trees were magical: dark limbed, looped and netted, with flourishes of white lace.
Any trees that are already on the ground not as a result of the contractor's operation are to be limbed, bucked, and/or chipped.
Trees should be limbed and thinned to limit spacing as needed.
It should be maintained free of dead material and canopies limbed off the ground.

Famous quotes containing the word limbed

Strange beauty, eight-limbed and eight-handed Whence camest to dazzle our eyes?... more
It was like passing a boundary to dive Into the sun-filled water, brightly leafed And limbed and lighted ou... more
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