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Others have described every charred and dismembered limb.
The agony of a ghost limb can be all too real for amputees.
Dense, spreading, horizontal growth habit and delicate limb structure.
With the limb already injured, it's mostly about damage control.
The decomposed limb has been the subject of an intensive forensic investigation by the medical examiner's office.
The question is why this reduction in limb size happened.
To prevent limb breakage, use wooden supports to brace sagging branches.
Fast-forward amputees are remaking life and limb on their own.
The condition can sometimes appear without obvious injury to the affected limb.
He speculated with doctors about how servo mechanisms might be used to link the brain to an artificial limb.
Estimates suggest that several thousand people worldwide wish to get rid of a normal healthy limb.
Can an old tree limb be used to drill holes in or must it be a finished post style piece of wood.
Thanks to modern mechanical prosthetics, complete with hydraulics and microprocessors, missing a limb needn't mean missing much.
Diving from limb to limb, gabbling excitedly, they set up a menacing ruckus.
The fossil also has dense limb bones that would have weighed it down in water.
Wildlife photographers will risk life and limb to get the perfect close-up, but a few ingenious hacks can make the process easier.
The doctor's advice for avoiding gangrene is to avoid infection, not precautionary limb removal.
The insect can use its legs to stand on a limb or a leaf.
They can't move a limb or are having difficulty moving a limb.
Easy, as it is only money and not anyone's life and limb.
He's still growing-the limb bones still have growth plates that are open.
He said the regions would probably be brighter still if observed near the limb.
Storm kept on her desk was torn apart limb by limb by co-workers.
His audience: a row of skeptical females fidgeting on an overhanging limb.
And my cell phone does not go dead every time a limb falls on one of those land lines.
Deny farmers their land and they'll risk life and limb.
Every few yards he rose high in the water to whack a limb out of our path, then sank away beneath a boil of bubbles.
They found that salamander regeneration begins when a clump of cells called a blastema forms at the tip of a lost limb.
The fungus grows down into the limb and bark of the tree.
Each limb has three digits and each is longer than a human arm.
They tend to start walking but develop muscle weakness in the part of the limb closest to the trunk, the proximal muscles.
Below the tourniquet, the limb hangs by threads of flesh.
He had an armorer fashion an iron limb with articulated fingers controlled by gears inside the prosthetic.
And if the threat of losing a limb to a hungry fish scares him, or if he is worried about the nasty weather, he doesn't show it.
One great advantage of robots is their ability to deploy in places that would put people at risk of life and limb.
We should rejoice that someone has found a subject so captivating that they will risk live and limb in pursuit.
Or maybe you see an expanse of cedars bearing a snowfall, deer perusing the bark, and nuthatches hanging from a limb.
His brain was fully functioning, but he could not speak nor move a limb.
After a few more volleys, it crossed over a high, sturdy limb.
When grabbed by a predator, the sea star can simply lose a limb and later grow a replacement.
The monkeys use their tails as a fifth limb to grip branches.
Instead of a single giant limb, it has two arms each with four delicate fingers and a thumb.
Human beings perform the feat every time they move a limb, or breathe, by sending electrical impulses to appropriate muscles.
Experiments suggest that only one form causes limb damage, though the matter is still disputed.
Both were out on a limb, ferociously challenging the slovenly relativism of everyone else.
If you get a grip on one limb, all the hot air rushes to another.
Thus continuous cores of mesoderm form the axes of the limb-buds and a continuous column of mesoderm the future vertebral column.
Each limb, each muscle, each fibre of the huge prostrate body was twisted and turned in every direction.
The horse by that time had been lifted to his feet and stood trembling in every limb, ready to drop.
Be the limb of their body, the breath of their mouth.
It's the commonest cause of end-stage kidney disease, and non-traumatic lower limb amputations.
New research shows how the pliant animals create such a stiff limb.
By looking through a pair of binoculars, a limb can be made to appear disproportionately large or small.
In the future, she plans to introduce and genes into mice and observe the effects on limb development.
Lady birds store the minerals they need for building egg shells inside their hollow limb bones.
The waves are then transmitted into an object, such as a human limb, where they focus down to a point.
Going out on a limb, the authors propose a hybrid between no virtual water transfers and unfettered transfer.
What the indirect loss was in property stolen, in injury to life and limb, no one can estimate.
In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputation.
And they are controlled with conscious effort, meaning the user can do little else while moving the limb.
Persistent physical therapy can improve motor control by strengthening connections between the limb and brain.
While scientists have made enormous advances in limb prostheses, these devices still lack a sense of touch.
In fact, the muscles near an amputated or missing limb are sometimes used to control mechanical prosthetics.
It could allow a prosthetic limb to use pressure or temperature cues to change its shape.
People with injuries to one limb sometimes report pain at the exact same spot on the opposite side.
If not, then that means that there is a difference between losing a limb and losing sensation.
Climbing slowly and deliberately the way an orangutan does puts a lot of stress on limb bones, she says.
The curved line of the triangle on the left is the limb of the planet.
Remove enough of any muscle and you might as well lose the whole limb, the chances of regeneration are so remote.
As kangaroos mosey along at low speeds, they walk, using their tail as a fifth limb.
If they lose a limb, they grow new ones in a few months.
Although the burn it produces initially causes no blisters or changes in skin color, it can leave behind a scarred limb.
Shipman isn't the first scientist to go out on a limb trying to link biology to quantum mechanics.
Everyone was so hung up on limb deformities in frogs that they forgot about other effects.
And when they come out, they often make a kind of scratchy sound, as if they're dragging a limb or two across the rock.
They control how big a limb becomes, the number of the bones within it, and the shape of those bones.
Mechanically, it makes good sense for an animal to make its whole limb more vertical if it becomes bigger.
They stepped out on a limb, and they were met with critical acclaim.
Limb length usually means bulk, since it takes a lot of muscle to move long bones.

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