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The charm here lies in the toppings, which diners can customize to their liking.
Have partygoers ladle soup into mugs or small bowls, and offer condiments so they can tailor each soup to their liking.
We suggest you make a small batch first and adjust the recipe to your liking.
When the flower is aligned to your liking, press it firmly to secure it and remove any wrinkles or air pockets.
Riders that appreciate the perfect turn will take a liking to this snowboard instantly.
He attends to every detail, and he has the funds to remake the capital to his liking.
The solutions that the cable car companies find may not always be to the liking of the geologists.
At first, they were a little too tight for his liking.
Anyone liking his product cannot be satisfied by the results and will use any occasion to retouch his work.
She is banned from the bedrooms because she has a major liking for shoes and the kids toys.
Then they rated their liking for a variety of foods, from cake and ice cream to cranberries, sauerkraut and salsa.
Too much self selection, fuzzy questions and risky interpretation for my liking.
They would never attempt to influence world events to their liking after their little convention.
The basic human liking for sweet tastes undoubtedly motivated humans to search for and cultivate sweet products such as fruits.
But the prophecy about people not liking him turned out, surprisingly, to be untrue.
Prison officials, impressed by her exemplary behavior, took a liking to her.
It wasn't to my liking, but then neither are jelly beans.
Each had a special liking for one of us, and continued faithful to his choice.
Another yeast-raised cake to our liking has a flat center, a braid around the edge, done as a fancy border.
Imagine you are a naturalist with a liking for insects.
If the world were ordered entirely according to my liking, games would be displayed by date, not weekday.
Of course, you don't have to stop being friendly with your faculty colleagues, and you certainly don't have to stop liking them.
Our disposition would be as important as our delivery of the products to their liking.
There's a leadership component in being a parent, which others have mentioned not liking.
Nuthatches and finches and even a wren or two seem to be liking the thistle.
The axe was ever more to my liking than the graving-tool.
Perhaps rugby and water polo aren't mainstream enough for your liking.
It allowed me to customize a layout to my liking, right down to the button names.
It isn't a matter of liking to write or even loving it.
One of our farmers died the other day who had a peculiar place in the liking of many a neighbor.
When the results of the functioning of the market are not to your liking, that does not mean that the market has failed.
Suppose your husband dies from a gunshot to the gut and you end up liking your second husband even better.
For instance, people routinely express a strong liking for a brand that they are unable to tell apart from rivals in blind tests.
Investors are beginning to put a portion of those liabilities on business balance sheets and they're not liking what they see.
But his own views were more moderately right-wing, extending to a liking for law and order and a horror of the metric system.
And maybe it's because he hasn't gotten a contract offer yet that's met his liking.
On the other hand, an inveterate road-tripper may find a more loaded model to his liking.
One more comment regarding the tripe about people liking what they do so they would do it regardless.
All of the stuff you mention above has been explained and it wasn't to the liking of you conspiracy nutters.
Not liking the suites that were available at such short notice, he went to another hotel.
The few people who get to know him well end up liking him a lot.
Other clients were taking closer looks at their accounts, and not liking what they found.
Agreements and contracts should be handled carefully and if anything is not to your liking, postpone.
Whether you prefer attending ranger-guided programs or exploring the park on your own, you can find something to your liking.

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