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But no one likes the traffic, the crowds, the sudden infusion of citified bustle and self-importance.
Part of her likes the idea of unruly jellies causing a commotion and foiling our plans.
She likes to do everything for herself, and has no belief in any one's power to help her.
If he likes vaudeville, he goes to a music-hall, where the head-liners are top-liners.
To get started, think carefully about what each member of your family likes to do.
The music is great, not everyone likes the same thing.
Well, nobody in the malaria world likes to answer that question.
It is so cool how animals each have their own personality and feelings and likes and dislikes.
If the committee likes you, they'll look the other way.
Reject and resubmit is the norm, regardless of how much the editor likes the paper.
Again, no one likes to be thought of as a fall back position.
Not everyone likes kids, or can muster much interest in them.
But he likes to begin working with them as early as possible.
All it says to them is that you and the likes of you believe that they need a crutch to compete.
Evolutionary psychology likes to look scientific a little too much.
No-one likes to do this, because everyone wants to do new and exciting research, and funding is directed towards doing new work.
But the ruler of the roost likes things a certain way.
They do not have to obsess about whether some professor really likes them.
He likes the story and the pictures,--for every chapter is a picture,--and he likes the writing.
No one likes spoilers, but in this case, there's something to be said for the consumer's right to remain informed.
Neither government likes to draw attention to this arrangement, because it has been so convenient on both sides.
Talks easily, fluently and pleasantly likes people and gets on well with them.
She told me how much she likes her job, because she hates to sit still and there's always something going on in the factory.
He likes to receive visiting dignitaries on the new tennis courts that are the pride of his fiefdom.
She likes being able to build the castles herself and to make her own shapes.
It's specialized for sure, but given how the fitness crowd likes its gadgets, it could be a winner.
Imagine she does sing your song, and imagine she likes it a lot.
Once she has the focus where she likes it, she closes the back and triggers the shutter with a cable release.
The granola crowd likes to talk about conservation and efficiency, and surely substantial gains can be made in those areas.
The only thing he likes more than his own voice is the sound of readers telling him when he's right and wrong.
We know that the big fella likes to go low on occasion, so it's a treat to see him dial it down this early in the season.
The secluded owner likes to operate out of the public limelight, so his intentions aren't clear.
He likes the vibe of the area more than you might think.
Everyone likes to talk about the weather, and maybe someone could do something about it someday.
Bitter subfreezing cold the likes of which has not been seen by anyone currently alive.
It is not a matter of opinion or of likes or dislikes.
Sometimes he or she likes too much fatty cheese or dairy.
Radiation isn't as dangerous as the press likes to claim.
Anyone who can receive a good income generally likes to spend it as they please.
Whether he knows it or not, and whether he likes it or not, things are about to drastically change for him.
The planet has a way of dealing with the likes of us.
The real culprit that no one likes to talk about anymore is fluoridation.
My husband loves daylight savings time because he likes it to stay light longer after he gets off of work.
Boys would rather play video games and wrestle, and they tend to care less if their teacher likes them or not.
Move towards cooler waters and you don't see coral because it likes the warmer temperatures.
He likes small, co-operatively run firms, but how that model could be made to work for multinationals is far from clear.
But that is precisely why she likes to perform experiments.
Agreed, there needs to be a comprehensive energy policy, the likes of which hasn't been possible in the current political climate.
He could sell it at auction, but he likes having it around.
He likes a boilermaker at dinnertime and, on occasion, the bullfrogs from his pond.
When it says that it likes one car better than another, consumers and carmakers take notice.
No one much likes it when something-an empty cab, an out-of-service subway train, summer-goes by without stopping.
Withers likes to form guitar chords that he can simply move up and down the neck without altering the position of his fingers.
When not giving birth herself, she likes to order in.
Neutrino doesn't follow football, but he likes to amuse himself sometimes by trying to concoct a play that can't be stopped.
Worth likes dresses that have little frilly collars, and does them sometimes in linen, sometimes in printed silks.
It might be a bowl of steaming soup, if one likes soup.
The suggestion sparked a discussion on who else our look-a-likes might be.
Cut to several generations later and you have two new lineages, a yellow one that likes yellow and a blue one that likes blue.
It's freeing as an actress, but whether a director likes it or not is a different thing.
She has always been the one, those who know the family say, who likes to cook and care for her brothers and sisters.
She likes the idea of doing the plan in the field, one on one.
He likes to rock in his rocking chair or on a rocking horse.
Jerry likes swinging and climbing into things he can sit in.
Pleasant low stress extra income for someone with basic computer skills who likes people.
Likes reading, writing, and using books and references.
It kind of likes wet wood, but not as much as it likes wet paper.
He likes to play sports especially baseball but also football.
For indoor escape from tension, he likes a few rubbers of bridge.
Double dip is not a term that a government keen to extricate itself from the economic-crisis-management business likes to hear.
But nobody likes the idea of starting youngsters on blood-pressure medicine they could wind up taking the rest of their lives.
Try to find out what she likes before you give her something.
It was a friend of mine who likes to complain, complaining again.
The school bully likes pushing him facedown onto urinal cakes.

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