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Example sentences for liken

All pods use effective, cooperative hunting techniques that some liken to the behavior of wolf packs.
Researchers liken that step to rebooting a computer, because a genome is akin an operating system that makes a cell function.
They may feel the brunt of their position, but one may liken them to the proverbial mouse in the maze: they lack the aerial view.
Ostriches are descendants of dinosaurs, and the researchers liken ostrich movements to those of bipedal dinosaurs.
Free news and information articles are usually poorly written and liken in content.
The authors liken it to a conductor who synchronises and co-ordinates various parts into a united whole.
Experts liken stem cells to the seeds from which many body tissues grow.
Dee would not be the first to liken today's insider traders to yesterday's wildcatters and railroad barons.
They liken bond ratings to pantyhose sizes and the buying of stocks in downturns to buying tuna fish on sale.
Managers who beg for patience often liken baseball seasons to a marathon.
They liken the role of small-business owner to that of a head of household in a household survey.
Some liken the practice of rock-pile building to graffiti on the landscape.
As an example, some investment companies liken their investment policies to those of insurance companies.
Many volunteer test participants liken the effect to the temporary heat felt from opening the door to a hot oven.

Famous quotes containing the word liken

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