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The gas likely burst forth as little as one million to ten million years ago.
Here then are ten of the animals likely to have killed our ancient and not so ancient kin.
Non-cheaters were also less likely to believe that their peers had cheated, the studies found.
Think about that, and then tell me how likely a double-dip seems.
Such an eruption would likely send hot ash and gas flying down the northwestern flanks of the mountain.
But it isn't likely to appear anytime soon in a dictionary.
The more complex the game, the more likely the game will ship with bugs.
Few colleges reported that hiring freezes were likely.
The kids have been home for hours with little supervision, and have more than likely snacked on whatever they could find.
Try drawing your hand when you can't see it--your picture is likely distorted.
They got much better grades, were more likely to remain married and were less dependent on welfare programs.
And the food reaching them is likely to leave them malnourished, experts say.
Children who receive unequal treatment are more likely to grow into depressed adults.
Now a third blue geranium is likely to replace both in our affections.
If newspapers and magazines begin charging people to read their output, the pirates are likely to turn up, and quickly.
The new skeleton is thought to be complete and was likely preserved by its cave setting.
The researchers found that if a snake eats a toad-free diet, it doesn't have any venom-and is more likely to flee than fight.
It can be whipped up in no time with ingredients you're likely to have on hand.
Economists and policymakers will be watching closely to see which way older worker participation is likely to tip.
Methylmercury from the coast or surface, however, likely would be the result of industrial pollution.
Nothing slows down a cook more or is more likely to cause injury than dull knives.
The newcomers are likely to be serious financial firms, some of them foreign.
There may have been other paintings but they were likely destroyed by the water that now fills the cave.
Left to their own devices, nasturtiums will reseed in mild climates and are likely to wander and show up in surprising places.
On the other hand, you're likely to tread on ripe figs when they drop onto the ground and melt into a puddle of sticky syrup.
Even if higher private saving blunts the effect, some crowding out is eventually all too likely.
Time travel would likely be a fairly traumatic experience, leaving you groggy, maybe with some short-term memory loss.
Flowering is heaviest in spring, but some bloom is likely at any time add to my plant list.
As a result, unemployment is likely to remain high in the rich economies even as it falls in the poorer ones.
First, branches spread out in almost equal threes, creating weak crotches that are likely to split.
One of the biggest investments of time and money you are likely to make.
Even the simplest open fire is likely to draw people outdoors.
Instead, shoppers and diners are likely to sport dusty hiking boots and well-worn backpacks.
Fruit left on the tree is likely to split and rot, especially if weather is rainy.
It will protect you if you fall, and also protect you in the much more likely event of falling debris.
And some even allow you to choose items from a list of what's likely to be available.
Children can walk--or more likely run--the maze created by the clipped boxwood hedges.
Excessively harsh conditions seem to make criminals more likely to re-offend.
Even if you were not saved by penicillin or some other antibiotic yourself, one of your ancestors likely was.
But real-life energy weapons likely won't work that way.
The sun's role in global warming has long been a matter of debate and is likely to remain a contentious topic.
They also queried the students about whether they were likely to make exercise a routine part of their day.
You're more likely to stick with a tough problem, even if you fail at first.
Look under a chunk of plastic afloat in the ocean and you're likely to spot a fish or two.
When traveling is so likely to include delays and problems, my enthusiasm wanes.
But clashes are less likely to occur if one or two rival monkeys embrace.
In addition, plants and the animals that depend on them will likely migrate to higher elevations.
Even if they never show up, though, people are so fond of the dinosaur that it will likely be restored anyway.
The better it does its job, the less likely you are to stay awake to appreciate it.
The price of beef, and other foodstuffs, will likely rise.
The trait in amphibians is likely an adaptation to life between water and land and their ability to respire through the skin.
Hers is not a household name, and it is not likely to become one.
So the industry looks likely to consolidate as well as shrink.
Go to the dinosaur hall of almost any major natural history museum, and you are likely to find the same creatures.
Red oak is known to be a more porous wood and therefore more likely to leak.
Social tensions are likely to remain high in the near term, with sporadic demonstrations and other forms of social unrest.
Fatal attacks are not more likely among any age group or in response to any specific human activity.
Students who enroll part time are less engaged than their full-time peers, and more likely to drop out of college.
Perpetually plugged-in youngsters are more likely to suffer poor psychological health.
Onion said that during the economic downturn, people have been less likely to make stock gifts.
But for the remainder of this year, growth is not likely to match the spectacular pace seen in the first three months.
Couples who live together before they get married are less likely to stay married, a new study has found.
Where people are more xenophobic and cultures more differentiated from one another, wars are more likely.
But people would likely fall into one of two camps, as they have done in the past and do now.
His team of experts found that the ship's demise was self- inflicted--likely the result of a coal bunker fire.
Because humans are wide ranging and can live in a variety of habitats, he says, it's likely gene flow was sustained.
You've likely offended some readers with your honesty.
The area's fault zone has been active for thousands of years and is likely to remain so.
Seven other species were rated as likely to become invasive, and the last needed further evaluation.
Your patio, no matter where you live, is not likely to present it with any challenges.
In severely impacted communities, one of two scenarios is likely to prevail.
Drought-stressed plants are far more likely to be damaged during cold winters than healthy ones.
You're likely to see the same color if you split much alder firewood, which is cream or reddish inside.
They were more likely, for example, to stay continuously enrolled if they lived on the campus.
The findings show that students are more likely than nonstudents to engage in political activity through online social networks.
More-affluent parents were less likely to change their preferences based on information about graduation rates.
And, despite its patchy record, it looks likely to win.
Attractive people also have an easier time getting a loan than plain folks, even as they are less likely to pay it back.
But the technology is coming, and it is likely to disrupt every field it touches.
In any case, such support has its limits, and the dollar now seems likely to fall further.
New medical technologies and drugs are more expensive and, as people get richer, they are more likely to demand them.
The chancellor's message is likely to be grim: a downgrade to official growth forecasts for next year and beyond seems certain.
However, the less education you have, the less likely you are to understand the risks of smoking.
Growth is likely to be slow as economies emerge from a debt crisis.
Yet their surreal existence as shareholder-owned prisoners of the state looks likely to drag on for years.
Unless action is taken to put it together again, bloodshed is likely, though not a resumption of actual war.
Seeing someone else achieve a goal may make you less likely to achieve your own.
They were also asked, if they were in real need of a bicycle, how likely they would be to take it themselves and not report it.
The mixing could have been bidirectional, but the farmers were more likely to survive.
Concerns about status likely will not be leaving the public consciousness any time soon.
If you're within a couple of kilometers, you're likely to get injured.
Large gas giants would not likely contain much heavy elements.
Indeed, unless the reader has at once fallen into the right point of view, the more he knows the more likely he is to see wrong.
Accept our thanks for the peace that yields this day and the shared faith that makes its continuance likely.
Possibly still other formal types exist, but they are not likely to be of importance in a general survey.
If it is not literature, it is likely to be so heavy that you can't lift it.
The exchangeable value of its annual produce, therefore, is likely to be diminished by every such treaty.
Nor does he contribute much likely to be of permanent value in any part of the wide domain of affectivity.
The endeavor of a hostess, when seating her table, is to put those together who are likely to be interesting to each other.
The intervention of performers introduces a complication of economic conditions which is in itself likely to be injurious.
The other one would be more sensible, and would thus be more likely to yield.
He thus belonged to the gentry, and it seems likely that he entered the church more as a profession than a vocation.
The thicker the rind on a cheese, the less likely it is to be eaten.
The process likely originated when ash from the bottom of the cooking vessel was added into the simmering corn.
As a comparison, you're more likely to die in a fireworks accident.
However, they were also more likely to try and persuade others of those same views.
Alternatively, it could be that because they don't fall prey to stereotypes, they're more likely to socialise with everyone.
Researchers tend to look for answers where the looking is good, rather than where the answers are likely to be hiding.
Anyway the meteor idea is not crazy, though not likely.
If the day is cold and snowy, you are less likely to think global warming is a threat.
And because of this, it's likely that memory's vulnerability to error is here to stay.
They were also more likely to worry about behaving in the same way in the future.
The critical piece is that anti-aging medicine would likely also extend the reduced quality years.
Most likely the coast will be spared a full onslaught, but if you live there, it's best to be prepared for stormy weather.
Here, the males were far more likely to begin their courtship rituals on the webs of cricket-full females.
And her research shows that the more utilitarian a robot looks, the more likely its operator is to self-extend into the machine.
What is more likely, however, is something a little less predictable.
As such, these large hydrometeors evaporate more slowly, and thus are not as likely to suck heat from the air.
The shark, so named because it can suck in water to swell up and frighten predators, is likely new to science.
And as the organic-rich top layer thaws, it's more likely to decompose.
The current economic boom is likely due to increases in computing speed and decreases in price.
Therefore, now when you say you want to build a nuclear plant you will likely also need to build a hydro plant for pumped storage.
What floored me is when a father's face came up for tagging and his three sons were suggested as likely matches.
If the memes came from many otherwise unconnected accounts, they were likely to be legitimate.
By reducing the collateral damage, he was making nuclear weapons more acceptable, and therefore more likely to be used.
Everyone knows that people without health insurance are more likely to die.
The lower your educational attainment, the more likely you are to be obese.
Then they examined which group's members were more likely to die of any cause when it was not flu season.
Families with a stay-at-home mom or an unemployed parent are far more likely to prepare healthy from-scratch meals.
They aren't likely to support a gigantic boom in refinancing by relaxing standards.
But the lack of a stable home can negatively affect a student's performance in school, and makes dropping out more likely.
But for a variety of reasons, it isn't likely to accomplish anything.
Repeatedly, studies have found that people with schizophrenia are about twice as likely to smoke pot as those who are unaffected.
But the latter group, it turns out, was less likely to miscarry again and more likely to have a live birth.
Yet psychopaths are more likely to come from neglectful families than from loving, nurturing ones.
Uncertainty describes a situation where it's not even clear what might happen, let alone how likely the possible outcomes are.
In his time machine, he's more likely to travel to the fifteenth century than to the twenty-seventh.
Instead of rising sharply, the stock of companies that trim their workforces is likely to fall.
Dating sites are also more likely to spread their marketing budgets across more channels.
Which books they had in mind is not precisely clear except for this: they are not likely to be textbooks.
Much more than a decade and citizens are likely to get restive for foreign troops to leave the country.
These decisions are meeting much opposition, which is likely to fail.
They may, for example, be more likely to share the same friends.
It is far more likely to enflame than appease his critics.
In the run-up to the war there were few public discussions of the likely price tag.
Blacks less likely than whites to use either statins or aspirin in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Cancer patients more likely to face higher cost burdens than those with other chronic conditions.
Extreme heat and declining air quality are likely to pose increasing problems for human health, especially in urban areas.

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