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This, they reckon, will increase the likelihood that a chance encounter will prove valuable.
The likelihood of that happening would be roughly the same.
As the likelihood of suspensions increases, students' chances of making it to college decrease.
They can also explore their genetic likelihood of developing deep-vein thrombosis, skin cancer or glaucoma.
There is no tested science in support of the claim of increased likelihood of severe weather.
The actual likelihood of getting hired depends on the school you attend and the demand for people in your area.
The map could be used to forecast the likelihood of the giant waves' appearance.
The study also said the likelihood of interference is low.
He may even have accepted the likelihood of separation.
Reusing plastic drink bottles is not recommended, as it increases the likelihood of impurities due to the introduction.
They say the telltale sign is a measure of co-movement, or the likelihood of stocks to move in the same direction.
Talk about something that sounds easy to do, but in all likelihood is not.
It's a toss-up between my gut reaction and the likelihood of the student coming after me with a bat.
Moreover, the likelihood of being caught is dramatically higher than it was a few years ago.
The presence of transgenic fish also increases the likelihood of population collapse when food is in short supply.
But even then, he thinks the likelihood that they would be prosecuted is close to nil.
As one ages, the likelihood of being mugged increases while the likelihood of being arrested decreases.
Electrical signals only change the likelihood that they will open.
Two factors indicate a low-to-intermediate likelihood of a poor outlook.
Not all their admissions decisions are honestly based on likelihood of success.
Daily naps have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and the likelihood of depression-and to increase happiness.
He also doesn't discount the likelihood of individuals keeping stockpiles for years or decades.
Without firm foundations there is a likelihood the partnership will fail due to divergent agendas.
Supervisors should make a judgment about the likelihood of losses and set the required capital level accordingly.
Further explain that odds means the likelihood that something will happen.
When economic conditions changed, risk managers would see that the likelihood of financial doom increased.
In theory, it's a way to measure the likelihood that an applicant will matriculate-and succeed if they do.
In all likelihood they won't even remember your application, unless you made one or more cuts as the process moved forward.
They say nothing about the future likelihood of winning.
There is much less likelihood of a revolution against them, if that is the case.
So the temptation to take money is high and the likelihood of a rigged match attracting scrutiny is low.
If there's submerged oil somewhere, they have a high likelihood of encountering it.
The study concluded that human influence more than doubled the event's likelihood.
The likelihood of causing cancer is also a major obstacle to developing safe stem cell therapies.
And climate change is not entirely good news: the likelihood of more extreme swings in weather will not make for easy harvests.
Of course, increased rain also decreases the likelihood of fires, which was overlooked in this article.
Genetics likely play a role in an individual's likelihood of becoming obese-in both metabolic and neurochemical systems.
Finally, teams addressed ways to reduce the likelihood of spills in the future.
The likelihood of collision with one of the larger pieces is low.
In all likelihood, it was these threats that ultimately broke the deadlock.
Your portion is unhappily so small, that it will in all likelihood undo the effects of your loveliness and amiable qualifications.
In all human likelihood, your hands are clear of blood.
The health care provider may recommend bed rest, eye patching, and sedation to reduce the likelihood of recurrent bleeding.
Weather changes can also increase the number of people exposed to a disease, increasing the likelihood of an outbreak.
In all likelihood, the hangover has been a part of human history a lot longer than the goblet.
Although effort incurs costs that take away from the total payout, effort also increases the likelihood of sales success.
The scientists predicted the likelihood of successful dream recall based on a signature pattern of brain waves.
The likelihood of a quake also changes significantly with a relatively small change in quake intensity.
There is less likelihood that you have missed a key critique.
Rather, the likelihood is a gain in both if the integration of formal and informal aspects is done with care and conviction.
Second, the likelihood that the loser will survive and recover quickly must be maximized.
If they know of a sudden increase in the likelihood of a face card, for instance, they can bet with more confidence.
Do that, and there's a strong likelihood that you'll have no need for drugs, because there will be no panic to medicate.
UN volcanologists are flying over the volcano, trying to determine the likelihood of further eruptions.
Moreover, the political climate reduces the likelihood of policy changes to meet the inflation challenge.
These swaps are used to speculate on the likelihood of a borrower repaying its debt.
Often, auditing relationships span decades, increasing the likelihood that familiarity breeds over-cosy ties.
Central bankers had for months been warning about the likelihood of credit tightening.
Urbanisation decreases the likelihood of trees being felled for heating and building.
In all likelihood, prices will not begin a new and steep decline.
The likelihood of further restrictions has increased markedly of late.
In this scenario, the likelihood for preservation of these new gene duplicates is increased.
Pack a small, thin purse that can be worn under clothing to reduce the likelihood of a purse snatching.
In all likelihood, mortgage interest rates will decline through this action.
Given the likelihood of self-reported bias, the actual number could be even higher.
Although there is no formal acknowledgment of copying in my examples, neither is there any likelihood of deception.
The likelihood of a player's drug use aligning with a random test is tiny.
Most of the people who read this blog, in all likelihood, are white.
Adult supervision actually lowered the likelihood of physical activity.
Even then, the likelihood of the intervention succeeding is uncertain.
Those who receive the drug must pledge to use it only in approved combinations to reduce the likelihood of resistance.
Journalists expect that he or she will get a boost, so they report its likelihood.
Then, it searches for evidence sources to evaluate the likelihood that the possible responses are relevant and to what extent.
Emmet is forced to quit his newly acquired residency to join in what will in all likelihood be a dead-end search for his father.
The likelihood of a smooth succession had been derailed.
Risk describes a situation where you have a sense of the range and likelihood of possible outcomes.
The likelihood of everything going so wrong is small, but it's almost impossible to get anyone to say how small.
The likelihood of various economic forecasts is still being debated.
And with clarity and self-awareness comes the possibility, though not the immediate likelihood, of recovery.
But in all likelihood, there were earlier forms of music that drew on fewer systems, that did indeed have some adaptive value.
In all likelihood, such anonymity made for fiercer fighting.
Furthermore, as the number of atoms or photons used in the computer increases, the likelihood of mistakes will necessarily grow.
In all likelihood, the clock was meant to be symbolic.
Testing for a genetic variation could predict the likelihood that a patient will respond well to certain statins.
Their idea is to use the structure of the network to predict the likelihood that a given player will become a cheat in future.
It is why the questions are simple, in order to increase the likelihood to remember the right answer.
The likelihood of anyone finding a means of altering the control code of the voting machine is virtually nil.
They have ranked the amino acids found in proteins according to the thermodynamic likelihood of them forming.
The likelihood that this group would be correct, especially when they suggest standard theory results are erroneous, is minuscule.
Most responders agree that there are two possible lines with nearly the same likelihood of success.
And by the fact that there is an excellent likelihood that it will soon be replaced by something more engaging.
If it did, the likelihood was that no one would be held accountable.
In all likelihood, he will face protracted courtroom battles anyway.
The latter is a war brought when there is no certainty of the time or even the likelihood of an enemy strike.
The likelihood must be that restarting economic growth by any available means will take priority over environmental concerns.
Their directors can sleep easy, knowing that the likelihood of anyone writing about their tax affairs is slim.
The likelihood of the sudden collapse of ice sheets increases as global warming continues.
Partly because of the likelihood of resumption of the air war, cities are not being reconstructed and factories remain dispersed.
Yet there is little likelihood that it can succeed unless it takes place against a background of public pressure.

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