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The committee also liked the fact that she had worked at both public and private colleges.
She also liked the idea of designing her own shelter.
Local townspeople tolerated his presence because they liked to buy the goods he stole, such as cloth and sugar.
Civilians who were suffering so heavily liked knowing that their story was being told.
She liked and knew how to garden but what she really wanted to do was farm.
She also liked how blatantly feminine it looks with its ruffled edges and show-off colors.
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Also liked them all but really loved the lighting and fire.
We have really liked that a younger audience is using the app to capture modern history.
They liked to joke that their wives were fat because they buttered their toast on both sides.
Foreigners liked the former sea captain's personal style: a mixture of mischievous humour and straight talk.
And they liked seeing their government face down self-important big countries.
Faced with owning up to higher borrowing, he would have liked a diversionary tactic.
The president, once widely liked, has added insult to injury.
What he liked about water, he said, was that it gave you some space to think.
Cook eight minutes if liked rare, ten to twelve minutes if liked well done.
She knew him, and wrinkled her nose and drew her upper lip back from her worn teeth, to show that she liked being petted.
He liked to take care of everybody and he loved his own colored people.
The act of treachery is liked but not he that does it.
The new is always liked though the old is often better.
He did not care about his soldiers, nor about the theatre, and only liked to drive out and show his new clothes.
In the effort to make acquaintances, he lost friends, but he would have liked much to know whether he could have helped it.
She liked natural manners-a little timidity only set them off.
He must not have liked what he heard from the team earlier in the day.
Those that liked candy more than crackers were more likely to volunteer around campus or for additional studies.
They could sample the tracks, and if they liked the music, they could take the additional step of downloading them.
Users also liked virtual buttons that vibrated after a longer delay and then for a longer subsequent duration.
They liked it, because nobody could read the power usage and tell what the computers were doing.
Then it would be a matter of making sure you had a membership in the service station chains that you liked.
The new genes would become part of the mix, and they'd persist only if farmers liked the results.
Again, the males liked the silk of satiated females.
Astronomers would dearly have liked to get a glimpse of such structures to find out more about how galaxies were born.
The birds could approach the task in any way they liked.
Even then, the data did not reflect everything the researchers would have liked to know.
Food presented in a neatly arranged presentation is liked more than the same food presented in a messy manner.
He liked figuring out infectious diseases- the more exotic, the better.
If you liked the first chapter, you should see some of the material in the other chapters.
That's the way he was about the things he liked to eat, too.
Dad liked charcoal because he thought that wood was too smoky and that it gave too much flavor to the meat.
The next day, he said that he had liked the piece a lot, sounding a little bit surprised at himself.
He appears to have liked his role as a father, enjoyed his family life.
He liked concrete nouns and active verbs, and each paragraph was as solid as a brick.
Right from the beginning, they liked to think that their actions were building a better world.
When they were introduced, he made a witticism, hoping to be liked.
He liked his own things, his own order, his own people around him.
Poe liked ciphers because he liked to send messages that readers lacking his particular genius could not decode.
Its vehicles are more liked than loved, and it is often attacked for being better at imitation than at invention.
He had a graduate degree in art history, and he liked to draw, though he did it badly.
But for the moment they liked the sea, throwing pebbles into it, eating chips.
Applause usually erupted after movements, and at times during them, if the audience heard something it particularly liked.
She liked necklaces made of turquoise, and long pendant earrings.
Taking a different approach, the interviewer asked him what he liked to recommend to people.
Then she discovered she liked it and the housing market exploded into the biggest boom in its history.
List one thing you liked about the course materials and one thing that could be improved.

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