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Example sentences for likeable

They are so lively and likeable it seems churlish to suggest that she overrates their importance.
The central character is a likeable and dedicated policeman with a dry sense of humour.
He explains what made them likeable, and what made them maddening.
The two are earnest, likeable, committed and throughly decent.
These can include efficient management, likeable candidates and objectionable opponents.
Voters want someone who has the extraordinary talents necessary to do the job, yet who also seems ordinary and likeable.
But in a larger sense, people realize that zombies are likeable villains.
She was likeable in that she was happy and filled with joy.
They seem likeable and wholesome, exotic yet familiar, and inherently optimistic.
They gather to help the likeable milkman when he is pestered by local bullies.
Most of the film is slack but mildly likeable, but there are lapses.
Purists carped at the changes, but overall the film is likeable enough to transcend these carps.
Interventions are found to be more effective when the instructor is likeable, friendly, and viewed positively.
They had a smart, original, and likeable storyteller's voice.
The characters are flawed but extremely likeable which causes the viewer to weep for the addict and curse the police.
Those for the general public should be personable, likeable and trustworthy.
His comic asides and looks of wide-eyed bedevilment as he interacts with denizens of his country make him instantly likeable.
She recognized that when drugs were not a daily part of her life that school could be likeable, indeed even easy.
The likeable characters are creative, and the plot's twists and turns are extraordinary.

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