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He was only elected because he was likable and was an excellent campaigner.
In the memories of his friends, he appears rather shy and reserved and quietly likable.
Repellent figures may become interesting and even likable to the reader as they grow older.
He's not entirely likable, doesn't seem to care, is full of vim and vitriol and everything is allowed in his worldview.
Here's the problem with both of these teams: they're too likable.
He gives a beautiful, modulated performance, and he's never been more likable.
Deep mythic structures determine who is likable and who isn't among the famous dead.
She's instantly likable, talking a mile a minute with an enthusiasm that's sometimes dizzying.
She was really excited about being able to sing and play a role that wasn't always likable.
Still, it was a handsome affair, and the students were a robust and likable crowd.
We focused on the more likable aspects of her personality, especially in the younger years.
But it's an enervating bummer nonetheless, largely because it shows so little respect for its two likable stars and its audience.
He's the star, again in the role of the overbearing underdog, the big galoot who's somehow likable.
Readers can get behind that feeling, and as a witty and likable writer, he makes a good companion for this quixotic journey.
Jurors said they found the governor likable but were more influenced by the incriminating recordings.
Whether the contractor is likable is not relevant to the outcome-stick to the facts involved in the complaint.
Her teachers have described her as cooperative and likable.
On top of that he is a social chameleon as in he will modify facts about himself to be able to be more likable to others.
Look for ways to tell children what is likable about them, and that they are loved.
Most of which was overshadowed by my likable silliness.

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