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The electrical discharge in the experiment was a simulation of lightning in nature.
Most records of lightning are compiled by observers who listen for thunder, which is produced by lightning.
Perhaps more than any other top campus administrator, the chief diversity officer is a lightning rod for criticism.
Lightning is a particularly unsettling product of bad weather.
Then she returns it to me, lightning fast, and resumes her position for the next one.
Video shows a positive leader of lightning from a cloud.
As a result, he has become a lightning rod for all criticism of the government.
The energy released by a sprite amounts to a fraction of what comes from a lightning bolt.
Satellite data reveal how lightning influences climate.
They didn't notice the darkening skies, the thunder and lightning.
There is a return stroke after the lightning hits the ground.
But bulwarks are often where people put lightning conductors.
Lightning appears to be nature's own particle accelerator after all.
Lightning or a brush fire can also ignite soft coal.
The path lightning takes is formed step by step as it moves towards the ground, turning air into plasma.
But it takes place at lightning speed compared to change in academia.
Watch lightning strike and learn how thunderclouds form in this interactive feature.
Scientists have explained how lightning can occur even in the driest deserts.
Wind, steam, and lightning are its chartered agents.
But they're particularly rough for the lightning gun company with a sketchy past and indicted investors.
On one of her solitary girlhood walks, she once found herself accompanied by a lightning ball.
The reality is you're far more likely to be killed by lightning.
Cases may involve whether lightning sparked a fire or, if someone slips and falls, whether ice on a property was to blame.
It's been a busy, busy month in the world of real-life lightning guns.
The surface and the atmosphere form a giant battery, as the lightning discharges of thunderstorms demonstrate.
They ruled the world with lightning and got rich from the sale of beer.
The lightning that continues to crackle from the charged skies ignites new blazes every day.
These are the effect of negative lightning striking metallic surfaces.
Rusty electronic cables and road lightning are common.
The lightning struck the mainmast conductor six or seven times, but no damage.
Sunlight and lightning are more deadly than nuclear power plant disaster.
That's fine, no problem, glad to be your lightning rod.
The claim has been made hat the rubber tires on a bicycle are a protection to the rider against lightning.
They've talked about planet hacking and screwing with enemy climates, and they still want to harness the power of lightning.
Poker players' chances of being dealt a royal flush are much the same as being struck by lightning.
Learn how thunderclouds form, and watch lightning strike in this interactive feature.
Lightning scientists begin to solve electric mysteries.
On the horizon, sharks and lightning bolts approach.
Totally not our fault, since lightning storms would have burnt them all down anyway.
There is no difference between in spontaneous generation and the belief that life was energized by a spark of lightning.
Modern consoles and games are lightning-fast and have virtually no restrictions on storage.
In speaking of it, therefore, you may say that you write with a steel pen and forked lightning.
Thus, those who are staying in believe they have a chance to catch lightning.
Lightning is extremely hot-a flash can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun's surface.
And urban pollution has been blamed for intensified electricity and lightning in storms over cities.
It relies on camouflage and lightning-fast reflexes to capture prey, mainly fish and shrimp.
These nocturnal foragers use lightning-quick paws to grab crayfish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures.
Lightning strikes, flash floods, and helicopter crashes cause some of these fatalities.
And now the waves rose higher, great clouds came up, and in the distance there was lightning.
But the rocket was struck by lightning shortly after launch.
It's raining off and on, and the weather calls for funnel clouds and lightning.
But he keeps for himself the role of lightning rod when flashes of white-hot rage fill his e-mail and voice-mail in-boxes.
Several rail experts have said they doubt that lightning was the sole cause of the crash.
Most wave power devices aren't designed for frequent lightning strikes.
Its changes in leadership have usually arrived in the form of rolling coups or lightning bolts from above.
It was a case of confusing the lightning rod with the lightning.

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