lightening in a sentence

Example sentences for lightening

The air felt balmy and fresh, nothing but dark blue calm sea and lightening sky.
Clouds, farm building, lightening and wheat capture the mood.
It goes far in lightening the mood of the whole house.
Ionizing radiation from lightening storms may be possible.
So the beauty scientists came up with a whole new chemistry for getting the lightening molecules inside the hair.
The goal is to increase the chances that students will succeed, and for the majority of them that means lightening the load.
Instead, private space ventures have focused on lightening the payload and rocket and on increasing reliability.
Over-the-counter creams are available for lightening the skin.
Restaurants and food companies are lightening recipes and portion sizes.
But she asked committee members to lobby for a lightening of the residency requirement.
So look for new insecticides that stop mosquitoes from lightening their liquid load.
They didn't immediately make that lightening speed available.
Lightening and comets used to be mysteries, too, but we've found logical explanations for those.
Traders were lightening portfolios as signs of continued economic weakness trumped talk of green shoots and recovery.
Lightening creams to even out skin tone and some retinoids fit that description.
Avoid standing on wet surfaces or being in water during a lightening storm.
The lightening quickness of the blogosphere has made nimbleness a necessity.
Owners to remain fully responsible for cargo during the lightening operation.
Advice on preparing yourself and family before lightening strikes and what to do during a storm.

Famous quotes containing the word lightening

And let Reform her columns roll. With thunder peal, and lightening flash. We'll preach deliverance to the s... more
As on the highroad he who walks lightest walks with most ease, so on the journey of life more happiness comes from more
In externals we advance with lightening express speed, in modes of thought and sympathy we lumber on in sta... more
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