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Example sentences for light breeze

To create vehicles that won't be blown off course by a light breeze, engineers may end up studying the birds and even the bees.
Katrina would be seen as a comparative lunchtime picnic in a light breeze.
For example, one ring signals a light breeze and five rings a tornado.
Fanned by a light breeze, the flames quickly spread, and soon many blocks were seen to be doomed.
Chances are the caller was using a cellphone in nothing more than a light breeze.
Ah, but what a glorious afternoon it was with a light breeze ruffling the surface of the water.
How much depends on whether there's still air over the top, or a light breeze, or a strong wind stirring the oil around.
Afternoons are often sunny and warm with a light breeze.
Females select nights with a light breeze to disperse the pheromones, but not so windy that the pheromone plume is distorted.
Drifting and fishing live or cut shad on the bottom on days with a light breeze consistently produces the best catches.

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Her mane falls wild on her forehead, And the light breeze moves me to caress her long ear That is delicate ... more
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