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The common incandescent light bulb will soon become a lot less common.
He has often told me that the light bulb came back on the day he started consuming medium-chain fatty acids.
The new material could be used to make a novel type of organic light bulb.
Most of that ends up as heat, so you warm a room as much as a bright light bulb.
Touching a picture of a light bulb lit up an actual bulb.
There is nothing else in the room-except a bare light bulb on the ceiling, well out of reach.
Second, the light bulb gives light in all directions so you only see a small part of the whole.
The same applies to as simple a thing as a light bulb.
They are to regular conductors what a laser beam is to a light bulb.
So you are better of using an efficient light bulb to generate light and an efficient heat source to generate heat.
In other words, about the temperature of a tungsten light bulb.
Think of it as if you would stare at a light bulb which suddenly becomes several factors brighter.
Basically, you give students a battery, a bare copper wire and a small light bulb.
Lower frequencies are a light bulb, illuminating a wide circle.
Everyone knows the story of the invention of the airplane, the telephone and the light bulb.
Unscrew a light bulb that uses a lot of electricity and replace it with one that uses much less.
However, when the conventional light bulb is compared to an energy efficient type, the difference can be illuminating.
Install the lowest rated light bulb into the light socket.
The amount of light given by an incandescent light bulb depends upon the temperature of the filament.
Learn what to do if a fluorescent light bulb breaks.
It attempts to collimate the light that is sent out by a light bulb in all directions.
The wire inside an incandescent light bulb that produces light.
We may compare this with other energy sources, such as a light bulb or a compressor.

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We not only grew up on Be-Bop; Be-Bop raised us. For my generation, Be-Bop came on like a light bulb going ... more
I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action.... more
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