lifter in a sentence

Example sentences for lifter

With jar lifter, remove jars and set upright on towels on a counter.
Remove jars from the pot of hot water using a jar lifter.
Or speculated about how many tons a determined weight lifter could vertically press before his spine snapped.
Behind them is an incredibly muscular hulk, a weight-lifter perhaps.
Ridings is the ninth to post that number in the lid-lifter, but first from the late draw.
Horizontal stabilizers are an integral part of this robust lifter.
Use a scissors lift, load lifter, or pneumatic lifter to raise or lower the load so that it is level with the work surface.
Holes drilled at the side of the tunnel of shaft and fired last or next to last, ie, before or after lifter holes.
The electrostatic lifter has had limited success when tried on a print of wet origin.
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