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As the applause dies down, binoculars are lifted throughout the audience.
With a pair of fine-tipped forceps, he grabbed one of the insects at the base of its thorax and lifted it off the block.
Revelation lifted its head but otherwise remained as inert as a lump of clay.
Our engineer friend led us to a locomotive and lifted me up the iron ladder to the cab, on rungs that seemed to be two feet apart.
The five-ton crate housing the enormous hippo was lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck by a construction crane.
Then he lifted his shirt to reveal a heavy, boxlike device dangling from his neck.
He transfers the sample into a vial, which is lifted by a robotic arm into the gas chromatography tower.
Mixture will adhere to board but may be easily lifted with a knife.
But when archaeologists lifted a gold bowl covering the mummy's face, they found the biggest surprise yet.
The nautiloids lifted off from life on the seabed as gas-filled chambers in their conical shells made them buoyant.
The shuttle was still building up speed as it lifted off the launch pad, so the impact wasn't too intense.
It briefly lifted up, as weak tornadoes often do, but then touched back down and grew into a monster.
These karst mountains are what remain of an ancient seabed that was lifted and subsequently eroded away.
The researchers argue that a federal moratorium on the breeding of chimps in laboratories should be lifted.
They then lifted up the wooden box containing the rarely seen mummy and slowly carried it out into daylight.
Not everyone has been lifted by the rising tide of tourism.
Over time, geological processes lifted these ancient beaches up and away from the shore, forming natural terraces.
The pair argued that the breeding moratorium should be lifted.
Falling oil prices have lifted airlines' share prices.
But he refused to say when martial law would be lifted.
Anyway, retirement ages can be lifted to increase the supply of labour even when the population is declining.
Later disclosures lifted the lid on tabloid tactics in the drive to outsell rivals.
By the time the gag was lifted he had lost half of his readers.
He bent down, seized upon it and lifted it to a flickering light with a cry of thankful joy.
It was a rising tide that lifted all boats, including the arts and humanities.
The unpopular federal restraints on stem-cell research would be lifted, but they have been crumbling anyway.
The study counted all suspiciously similar language and did not consider whether students cited the sources they lifted from.
As the press conference started the lockdown was lifted.
Any fraternity chapter that does not understand this should have its charter lifted immediately.
Yet she discovered that her anxiety lifted after moving her eyes back and forth while observing her surroundings.
The current administration later lifted those restrictions, but the topic remains fraught.
The problem is producing enough energy to create sufficient lift, in a package light enough to be lifted.
When they chose incorrectly the other box was lifted.
Daintily, casually, she had lifted her habit and kicked the toy dinosaur into the air.
However, the news is not necessarily bad for the prospects of getting the debt ceiling lifted.
First, security officers lifted her out of her wheelchair and helped her stand in a full body scanner.
The country has become the world's workshop and lifted millions out of dire poverty.
Say the debt ceiling is lifted soon and fiscal policy is patched--but not fully repaired this side of the election.
For fertility, a new bride is lifted to touch it with her left hand, or possibly kiss it.
More and more birds lifted from the land, the ruckus they made growing into a din.
But it's been difficult to design strong adhesives that can be lifted back up again.
The block was mysteriously lifted after about two weeks, but both sides had been silent on the details of their peacemaking.
Yes, the energy from the top of my head being lifted and pulled around.
As he stumbled, drunk, he lifted a crown of flowers from his head.
Then she lifted the cigarette to her lips, and smoked rapidly until the cork was all burned away.
High in the window, the late afternoon sky blanched as the storm lifted.
These lattermost offer tabs which can be lifted so that the coffee may be drunk with the lid in place.
We suctioned out three litres of blood, lifted the left lung, and the answer appeared before our eyes.
Clouds of dirt, dust, and flames billowed out from beneath the craft as it lifted.
He may notice that the door slides to the side or that something needs to be lifted up.
One of the officers lifted up a paper bag and shook it.
His tongue, lifted from below by the infection, was starting to bulge out of his mouth.
He found that whenever they ran, they lifted all their legs off the ground at once.
Precisely on the tenth, they lifted the buckets back off.
All of the returning cosmonauts had to be lifted and carried out of their landing sites.
Our moratorium on manuscript submissions has been lifted.
Finding it, his hands lifted, but his mouth did not move back.
To the west they have lifted their eyes to see a continent.
Each neatly labeled, removable compartment had a handle and spout that allowed it to be lifted out and the contents poured.
It was indeed a momentous development by which the visual arts were thus lifted above the activities of artisans, however skilled.
Already, it has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.
They were lifted by insolence above their car loans, their surly arrears, their misspent matrimonies.
First, it is a doctrine of reversal-of the poor lifted up and the rich laid low.
He is then lifted some five feet from the ground as the pole's ends rest on two of the stools.
We lifted rocks and banged them against the trees, chipping into the yellow meat.
Every glance, every slightly lifted eyebrow, in fact every moment is charged with whodunits.
Grant raised his knees and lifted the table off the veranda floor, cutting off the flow of ants.
His heroin-dabbling days long behind him, he lifted weights and juggled his on-again, off-again lovers.
No sooner had she lifted her hand out of the flowerpot than a bird landed on the stone balustrade that overlooked the garden.
Once he was convicted and sanctions began to be lifted, pressure began to be exerted in the other direction.
The lieutenant's body lifted off the gravel as his jaw rotated away, trailing a fountain of blood.
Weight restrictions on all state highways are lifted.
As you may know, the executive ban on offshore drilling has been lifted.

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