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He didn't lift his leg, but did still mark on walks.
The simple act of petting a dog can lift people's spirits.
Helium is lighter than air and able to lift about one gram per liter of gas.
As the video below explains, some of the concrete foundations of the lift towers were failing.
Ants can lift and carry more than three times their own weight.
Unlike other birds, hummingbirds get a portion of their lift during the upstroke of their wings.
Then, they hoisted it on deck with a hydraulic lift.
Both are essentially spinning wings that stay aloft thanks to aerodynamic lift and gyroscopic stability.
Immediately lift out the fish and arrange on the platter.
As the eggs are cooked, lift them from the water with a slotted spoon.
In forward flight this set-up has the advantage of each rotor producing an equal amount of lift on each side.
They may be the best way to lift people from poverty and preserve the environment.
He believes a restored park will lift this beleaguered region out of poverty.
In cool climates, lift and store the corms over winter.
Once found, a crane will lift the entire bin of books to the surface.
See if that doesn't lift the fog from the art, and the reader.
So in forward flight each rotor can produce an equal amount of lift on each side, thus providing balance.
Lift the top screen with its bedding and worm layer out of the bin and set it aside.
The principal resistances encountered by an aeroplane when in flight are those due to the lift and the head surface.
In the postwar era, the laws restricting margarine's coloration began to lift and it gained in popularity.
Fresh powder and no lift lines are two reasons to check out this mountain town.
Lift your hips off the ground and roll the ball toward you until the bottoms of your feet are flat on the ball's surface.
He did the best he could to lift and tap one foot after the other not quite along with the beat.
Yes, they actually lift the house and cut the pipes.
People who lift weights are trying to gain muscle, so they need to eat after they work out to see any gain.
The ultimate goal should be to lift up the entire system.
Her first husband was a circus performer whose act was to lift a dozen people at once.
First lift up the leg of the table diagonal from the wobbly leg.
Its latest accessory is a tiny phone receiver that you lift up to your ear to make a call.
With a fork, dip each piece of fish into beer batter, then lift out and let drain briefly.
The floats were constructed of plywood and designed so well that they provided additional lift when the plane was aloft.
And besides the wings, the fuselage itself provides aerodynamic lift.
As richly diverse as human faith in all its forms, these are sites that lift our spirits and touch our souls.
For safety, lift bench top periodically and check pots for cracks.
Lift lid of crockpot to find that stuff has been added.
Loading and unloading is more expensive, since the cranes that lift containers must work around the masts.
He backed away from an effort to lift marginal tax rates on the rich, offering instead to raise money by closing loopholes.
Lift starts a siphon effect and is all that is needed to start a flow of anti-freeze.
Use your fingers to lift skin away from tube, then peel off and discard.
As the chair lift ascended, my right pocket vibrated and thigh pulsed.
The politics of trade is giving sweatshops an extra lift.
The density question has to do with lift, and the power required to generate the lift.
Lift out foil bowl and repeat to shape remaining foil rectangles.
When the paper mold is completely dry, gently press down on the mold and carefully lift off the cookie cutter.
Lift one edge of the cookie and fold it so the cookie forms a semicircle.
The idea was to pull the shark onto a sling, then use a crane to lift it onto the deck.
It may lift its head high to keep the prey in sight.
Most quarries are aboveground, so workers don't have to lift heavy rocks quite as far.
Scoop your hand into the cooled teapot and lift out the loose tea leaves.
Lift out porcini and squeeze excess liquid back into bowl.
Wash chopped leeks in a large bowl of water, agitating them, then lift out and drain.
Run a thin knife around edge of terrine to loosen, then lift out of terrine using banana leaf.
Optical lift is different from the aerodynamic lift created by an airfoil.
Economists disagree about the main reason why the consumption ratio has fallen-and hence about the best way to lift it.
Indeed, budgetary strains are now forcing some governments to lift prices.
As well as giving a short-term lift to employment, this should nudge up the economy's long-term potential growth.
Rather than suppress the rate, suggested the report, the government should try to lift it.
At this angle, wind flows over and under the wing in a way that produces more lift than at a lower angle.
Native intelligence and academic achievement do lift many poor students into college.
Also distributing lift along the pipe would reduce the tension.
Increasing lift range and power output would keep more of the coils active.
The video shows how it was done in this case: a scissors lift driven by a screw jack.
Whether joining the workforce would actually lift them out of poverty is another matter.
But when you lift all the plastic sheets, all you see are today's ruins.
Lift up your eyes and see the cloud and the light within it, and the stars surrounding it.
Tighten your stomach muscles as you lift the object up or lower it down.
His goal was to lift the veil on a clubby, secretive world.
Nobody has the wit or gumption to stand up and lift the stylus.
What he wanted to do after a long day of being governor, more or less, was to lift weights.
Going over, the livestock lorry he'd been given a lift in had brought him nearly to the boat itself.
For a moment, it seemed as if the noise were coming from there-as if the building were about to lift off and rocket elsewhere.
She stopped cutting long enough to lift her arm to her eyes in a tragic pose.
When you want a bigger table, you lift the top table off, and the result is two tables with thinner legs and thinner tops.
He could lift either end of a car so dS to get one wheel clear of the ground.
Simply try to lift the pistol to the screen and you will have an existential crisis of conscience.
Lift your right foot off the ground, straightening your leg to the side.
To generate lift, a bird has merely to tilt its wings, adjusting the flow of air below and above them.
As other patrons become engrossed in conversations or the paper, calmly lift the camera to your eye and make your exposure.
When left alone, a chiton will lift part of its oval-shaped body to breathe.
Beekeepers would lift the lid of a hive to find only the queen and a few stragglers, the worker bees gone.
Mildly insulated in the seat area for protection against cold lift chairs.
They calculated that a creature any larger would have been too heavy to lift itself into the air.
If a trainer bent backward and lifted a leg, dolphin would turn on its back and lift its tail in the air.
If it does, it'll send reminders to connect with other people or do something fun to help lift the gloom.
Migrating birds fly in formation in order to use lift more efficiently.
Feathers on their forelimbs enhanced lift, thereby allowing the creatures to take wing.
Could probably lift his whole village out of poverty quicker than through the use of his busking shrapnel.
The completed repair should include pickup and delivery of fork lift, labor and all shop supplies and environmental charges.
The bureaucrats are the fulcrum so the guys with the leverage can lift great weight without too much effort.
Lift into pushup position, keeping torso and legs stiff.
Some manufacturers promise to strengthen them as if they secretly hanker to lift weights.

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Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will liftmore
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