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Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.
He fills his lifetime with deeds, not with inactive years.
Lives of nations are determined not by the count of years, but by the lifetime of the human spirit.
Published anonymously during the lifetime of the duke.
In my lifetime-in depression and in war-they have awaited our defeat.
During his lifetime the poet never permitted any of these to be included in his works.
He published sixty-three in his own lifetime, forty-six having appeared before he was twenty-five years of age.
After each mating about five to ten in a lifetime the wounds heal and leave scar tissue.
And it doesn't take a lifetime's commitment to get there.
That's only good for the lifetime of a box, but still.
Over the course of a lifetime, humans take in more information and memories than their brains can handle.
Those saddled with these names face a lifetime of funny looks, or a bureaucratic quagmire trying to change them.
In his lifetime, though, he was known for other things.
The cost of a lifetime spent opening eggs incompetently is a small amount of wasted time and some spilled yolk.
If necessary, this may be gained by promising lifetime secrecy to those who provide it.
It says this will extend the tyre's lifetime without affecting its rolling resistance or sacrificing its grip.
Major interventions were necessary because of the scale of the crisis-a once-in-a-lifetime meltdown.
Early unemployment has lasting ill effects, including a higher risk of future unemployment and lower lifetime earnings.
Eight have now been given lifetime bans by the league.
Over a lifetime, though, that adds up to a significant amount of inequality.
It's fortunate that someone who has spent a lifetime thinking about them now has the ear of the wider world.
As for guaranteed lifetime employment, well, no one who actually works in higher education believes there is any such thing.
Tenure should not be a guarantee of lifetime security without continuing performance as a teacher and productivity as a scholar.
During my adult lifetime, vast important activities have been converted from paper-based to electronic form.
Harvard undergraduate degrees are immensely valuable, conferring a lifetime of social capital and prestige.
First for students, the report underscored yet again the lifetime economic benefits of getting a college degree.
The crime was half a lifetime ago and the time has been served.
My phd school also provides lifetime transcript needs for free.
When a university gives tenure to a professor, it binds itself to give them lifetime employment.
The properties and lifetime of the new star depend on the amount of gas that remains trapped.
Over our lifetime nearly one half of us suffer from such disorders.
Second, studies typically examine only one change endeavor, whereas his interviews covered a lifetime of efforts.
HM, as he was known during his lifetime to protect his privacy, taught scientists three lessons.
The home has been furnished to match the style of her lifetime, and the museum has been filled with memorabilia for all to view.
The literature on the war is so vast you could spend a lifetime reading really good books about it.
Or foods that were once-in-a-lifetime taste opportunities.
Only her coin portraits-issued in her lifetime, and which she likely approved-can be accepted as authentic.
We had booked for two weeks, but five days into the holiday of a lifetime my windpipe began to close.
It was a fraction of his lifetime, after all, a shard of what he knew.
He may be gone in this lifetime, but his spirit and his character are as immortal as his prose.
All that remains of his lifetime of work are fifty photographs of these rare and exquisite creatures.
One farmer is about to win a once-in-a-lifetime lottery.
In a lifetime packed with servants, this was the only meal she regularly cooked.
And as for getting over fences, one lifetime would scarcely be enough to record all the heartbreak that fences represent.
If you start from zero velocity, with this acceleration you will reach the speed of light roughly in the lifetime of the universe.
Since the normal lifetime is only a few billionths of a second, the effect is not spectacular.
He has bad ankles, a groin injury, and other injuries earned over a lifetime of playing sports.
Scientists figure there's one chance in seven of its happening again in the lifetime of anyone who lives in the vicinity.
But he could only do dates falling within his lifetime, which suggests that he used memory.
One night, he had a flash of inspiration, aided by his lifetime of experience with radio equipment.
But some researchers are worried that unnecessary scans may increase your lifetime cancer risk.
The new materials could also extend the batteries' lifetime, reduce their cost, and improve their performance.
The shortening of telomeres over a lifetime is thought to be tied to aging.
But part of what's holding back their development is the size and lifetime of existing power supplies.
Are they easily transportable, are they breakable, how long is their lifetime period.
Invest in the future of hunting and fishing by purchasing a lifetime license.
What is the tax benefit of the lifetime learning credit.
Unfortunately he did not live to see the book published, the sole important fruit of a lifetime of reading and talking.
In our own lifetime modern architecture has been hailed-and it has failed-as an instrument of social salvation.
In the lifetime of anyone who is over forty, world population has doubled.
Over one lifetime, such events are so rare as to escape the power of natural selection.
There are exiles that last a lifetime and others that last a weekend.

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