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Perhaps life is too busy, change too difficult and having to reduce your lifestyle is unacceptable.
His is the life of programmer-as-rock-star-often spent among real-life rock stars-with the lifestyle that that implies.
Technology provide an exciting lifestyle experience.
And in a relatively brief period, the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was all but extinguished.
The more energy efficient a car is, the smaller it is, so buying one is a lifestyle change.
Plus, being exposed to cosmic radiation for years and years and years cannot be a good lifestyle choice.
The adventuresome food complements the local lifestyle.
Lifestyle changes can help reduce stress on affected joints.
The ideal individual will promote wellness by leading a healthy lifestyle.
Find out how much water it really takes to support your lifestyle.
We can easily retrain our colour sense to achieve more healthy nutritional lifestyle habits.
The behaviour and lifestyle of the salamander remain a mystery.
Healthy lifestyle changes are an important first step for lowering blood pressure.
And the location is exceptional, allowing faculty to enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle.
Explore the nutritional guidelines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Exercise has been shown to help the heart, whereas a lazy lifestyle can be a major risk factor for heart disease.
Students today do not expect to live the student lifestyle.
Agriculture made civilization possible, but it has also brought on a crisis in the modern lifestyle.
It can be tough to fit wellness goals into a to-do list governed lifestyle.
The insect's amazing lifestyle has been a source of fascination since ancient times.
The bands allow tracking of the changes in penguins' lifestyle.
Her work, seen in a wide variety of publications, advocates an environmentally-responsible and healthy lifestyle.
Dealing with any one of five key lifestyle risk factors can lower the risk of developing diabetes by about a third.
The flip side is that many people today have shifted to a more sedentary lifestyle than that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
In general, a lifestyle that does not exceed my means.
These animals were more slender than their modern cousins and adapted to a more terrestrial lifestyle.
They sang about a blue-collar lifestyle and digging yourself out.
College students didn't need an increase in lifestyle while their parents experienced a reduction in theirs.
At any rate, it seemed possible for me to write full-time without a drastic a change in our lifestyle.
Get answers to your nutrition questions and learn more about achieving a healthy lifestyle.
We might be able to survive if my husband takes time off, but it would require a major lifestyle change.
While flavor reigns supreme, seafood is an important part of a well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Anyone who hasn't heard the healthy lifestyle message has to be living under a rock.
After a while, the dramatic change in my clothing began to make larger demands for a complete change in my lifestyle.
Living exclusively oxygen-free was thought to be a lifestyle open only to viruses and single-celled microorganisms.
Nighttime leg cramps are generally treated with lifestyle changes.
Many aspects of the non-intense academic lifestyle do work well with kids.
The tiger's lifestyle helped facilitate that rapid migration.
The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis involves medications and lifestyle changes.
Lifestyle changes and environmentally pitched products and services.
My current lifestyle does not have a whole lot in common with my lifestyle back then.
They are good climbers, with feet and toes adapted to their lifestyle.
Our typical sedentary lifestyle probably has a wide variety of implications including reducing mental health.
As it was, that income was not enough to sustain a modest lifestyle.
While both manta species roam all the oceans, they appear to have a different lifestyle.
There is little point in teaching children a healthy lifestyle in school if they go home and find the fridge full of junk.
However, he wants to maintain his low six-figure lifestyle.
More important are lifestyle choices, obesity and genetics.
Thats fine too, if the rest are not burdened inappropriately by an individuals lifestyle.
Farming, and the settled lifestyle that tends to accompany it, allowed for larger families and more complex societies.
The bathroom is a great place to make changes for a greener lifestyle.
Have a great day and thank you for trying to live a lifestyle that values conservation.
Sunset offers you the best selection of beautiful and versatile plans to enhance your lifestyle.
Neal is far from alone in his commitment to the lifestyle.
If you adopt the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are you may live up to a decade longer.
In order to live a clothing-optional lifestyle, naturists form their own communities and have their own resorts.
But details about the lifestyle of the farmers who used those granaries and tools remained a mystery until now.
With the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are that you may live up to a decade longer.
The place is a premier resource center for the promotion and practice of contemplative prayer and lifestyle.
The frogs' lifestyle is so thoroughly arboreal that, instead of laying eggs in water, the frogs deposit their eggs in trees.
Drought and civil unrest led many to abandon the nomadic herding lifestyle and move to cities.
The anatomy of the rest of the dinosaur's approximately four-foot-long body is consistent with a unique and varied lifestyle.
Su had upgraded her lifestyle in accordance with the university's newfound affluence.
Even with a healthy lifestyle, genes are the deciding factor in whether someone gets a chronic illness, such as heart disease.
Most people do not spend time thinking about how their lifestyle and eating habits can effect their brain in the long run.
If those kids with disabilities can live this lifestyle of constantly maximizing their cognitive potential, then so can you.
So they have been slower to bring out new antibiotics than, for instance, new lifestyle drugs.
We are becoming too many, our lifestyle is messy and increasingly toxic against this planet.
The pottery used to store grain and beer was durable but fairly fragile-hardly suitable to a nomadic lifestyle.
We use homeopathic remedies, healthy foods and generally have a healthier lifestyle.
It is more work and does not fit into many people's hectic lifestyle.
The mostly unseen freight distribution network delivers our goods and supports our lifestyle.
Nothing trumps good genetics, and an active, healthy lifestyle of prevention.
As our technological knowledge increases, our notions on living a healthy lifestyle also change.
They learned by observing and absorbing how to respond to the wide range of behaviours needed for a hunter gatherer lifestyle.
The place where the priorities are made more murky by profit is the me-too and lifestyle drugs.
And it should be noted that the authors did not control for factors such as diet, income and lifestyle.
Tells about other changes in his lifestyle, including going to bed early, and eating healthier food.
If the school's teachings are counter to your lifestyle, go somewhere else.
But such comical failures are part and parcel of the medievalist lifestyle.
And people in that village went from a really grim kind of lifestyle, basically in the rice paddies.
More generally, he said, he'd felt that a military lifestyle would suit him.
The truth is that lifestyle is far more important than cholesterol levels.
Fortunately, it doesn't share its cousin's flesh-eating lifestyle.
Which goes against the whole argument that it can be offset by lifestyle.
Getting from the solitary lifestyle to one that includes a defensible nest can be done in one evolutionary step-one gene change.
He said he had no plans to change his lifestyle or eating habits.
We need to create a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't harm our ecosystem.
It signals an aspiration towards a richer lifestyle.
Many people live an almost pre-industrial lifestyle on this planet.
We are gobbling up the world's resources to supply our unsustainable lifestyle.
Whatever the answer, it's clear that gliding is a successful lifestyle.
But its eyes have many adaptations for such a lifestyle, beyond a large size.
Stick to the budget, and keep your frugal lifestyle.
And its vintage glamour has a wizened smile in the shadowy recess of a newly minted lifestyle.
He had a vision, of an entirely new role for himself, one that suited a laid-back lifestyle as he reshaped his old image.
He also produces films, courts celebrity chums, and lives an all-around glamorous lifestyle.
Losses on the stock market curtailed their lifestyle.
It was a wonderful lifestyle, and she admits to that.
So you can get addicted not only to the drugs but you can get addicted to that kind of high-speed lifestyle.
The new gloss of consumer-culture lifestyle luxe isn't wall-to-wall, however.

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