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Both tried to replicate real human faces with lifelike expressions.
Sculptors and artists designed lifelike masks for gravely wounded soldiers.
It dawned on him that he wanted to work with adult characters in lifelike relationships.
Her left eye, the only one visible in the profile, had a lifelike translucency.
Since then, racing games have given us ever-more lifelike physics, graphics and artificial intelligence.
There are always some addled viewers who can't quite keep straight the difference between lifelike comedy and everyday life.
Advertising billboards, which are everywhere, now feature lifelike electronic people who are the size of giants.
He found poker more lifelike, its tactics gratifyingly similar to those deployed by generals and presidents.
Eric in particular turns almost lifelike when things stop being so easy for him and when his actions begin to have consequences.
And it winds up sounding lifelike and authoritative if not comprehensive.
There is a certain skill in making speech lifelike without its being a mere transcription from a tape recorder.
The genuine portrait appears lifelike and stands out distinctly from the background.
His career has steadily trended toward the development of more lifelike biomaterials.
Lifelike shades and aesthetics demanded by dentists and their patients.
The water in the kitten toy is intended to make it feel more lifelike.
The new facility allows students to train in lifelike surroundings to better prepare them to transfer their skills to the field.
In his cell the inmate had left an amazingly lifelike dummy sporting a wig made from the inmate's own hair.
Gaudy dyes were used for bright and vivid coloring making the pictures seem somewhat non-lifelike.

Famous quotes containing the word lifelike

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