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Biology, the study of living organisms, can sometimes leave students feeling lifeless.
It is full of lifeless buildings and palaces where important things used to happen.
It was decided that the anchorman was a bit lifeless and dull.
After a long winter of hats and sun deprivation, our hair was looking lifeless and dull.
Texts on the region can be dull and lifeless or even biased and skewed.
Apparently lifeless and useless there on the ground, it harbors thousands of living things within and beneath it.
Transition problems abounded, as well as lifeless introductions and conclusions.
They said it didn't excite them, that it was pallid and lifeless and boring.
It was polished and smooth, yet at the same time lifeless, conveying no excitement about his research.
Initial impressions of the crater as a lifeless wasteland are quickly dispelled.
She lays the seemingly lifeless animal on an examining table.
Two more surges followed, but these covered over a silent, lifeless city.
It is the voice of a writer in a vacuum, who seems almost robotic, lifeless or empty.
The printer's proof was rendering the rich, deep blues of the original in drab, lifeless tones.
No matter how realistic and artistic these representations may be, however, they are still lifeless.
As far as present science is studied the physical space is lifeless.
Engines were rushed to the plant and hooked into the lifeless emergency cooling system.
And nowhere has anyone demonstrated that life can ever come from lifeless matter, whatever the perceived early environment.
What breathes life into a lifeless jumble of chemicals is the way those pieces fit together and work together.
Still another diadem was folded in half and placed atop six metal war clubs to serve as a mat for his lifeless body.
It is set in the middle of the lifeless desert, where many have reputedly been cured of afflictions.
Far from lifeless, icebergs shelter a startling swirl of sea life.
Clearly the spring once held hippos and all their attendant life, but today its waters are nearly lifeless.
The climbers were in a lifeless, alien world of ice and rock.
The mouse was floating, lifeless now, on the surface of the water in the bucket.
One thing in particular stands out to me: engineering is often portrayed as a boring, lifeless job.
The new home construction market remains relatively lifeless.
Lifeless it is not: it feeds upon life, and visible life grows out of it.
Above these flower-dotted slopes the gray, savage wilderness of crags and peaks seems lifeless and bare.
Otherwise the sauce will have stolen all the flavor, leaving the truffle itself bland and lifeless.
There are all sorts of dead ideas and lifeless old beliefs.
The little literary criticism then existing was lifeless-mere hackwork, subsidised by publishers to puff their own wares.
She was scared and still and lifeless, and sure that every minute she would die.
In the long nights there is no sound to break the lifeless silence.
What it taught was a lifeless, archaeological view and what came from its mouth was a dead, philological language.
He felt his arms and legs as lifeless as though they had been cut off.
His performance is utterly lifeless and without charm.
Lifeless characters that have no personality whatsoever.
The moon is a cold, airless, lifeless lump of rock a long way away.
Her lifeless body, having tumbled amid the fluttering dark material, is found by her brother.
But its being both lifeless and inactive means organic chemicals from the early solar system may have been preserved there.
Even so, digital pianos remain lifeless imitations of the real thing.
Every other nation will eagerly join the war to render that country a land of lifeless radioactive rubble.
They stand lifeless in every way in the image-maker's showroom.
Without the affection that runs through these memoirs, they would be lifeless.
By his own fastidious measure, cultivated half a lifeless lifetime, she represents his fall from an aesthetic state of grace.
Television even began simulating the news, adding made-up pictures to otherwise apparently lifeless words.
Their literary manners are perfect, but their work is lifeless.
Throughout those dismal months, my soul sat slumped and lifeless but my body walked to yours.
The universe ends as a lifeless autoclave or as a lifeless deep freeze.
But the visuals are drab, particularly cut scenes with lifeless backgrounds and boxy human characters.
The performance was simply awkward, with a few of the members looking lifeless on stage.
Life erupts once again from the once lifeless mountain.
Andrea's accident had imprisoned her mind in a lifeless body.
The arid wasteland is mostly devoid of even sparse desert vegetation and looks as lifeless as the surface of the moon.
If the ratio were smaller, the universe would be a lifeless cloud of cold gas.
It's an entire airless, lifeless world with almost no geologic activity.
It lays everything out there for you to look at and poke and examine, but it's rather lifeless.
And some of us happen to enjoy cold, desolate, lifeless lumps of rock.
Lifeless objects that grab the eye and won't let go leave plants in the shadows.
Also the sweet red peppers had turned to lifeless skins by the time they got to us.
From the main yardarm dangled three lifeless, hooded figures.
The river is rust-colored and lifeless, speckled with an array of plastic bottles and wrappers.
In contrast to the spectacular fish and coral found elsewhere, the waters are lifeless.
The disadvantage of seeing the system that way is the world is lifeless when contemplated at such a great distance.
By the time it was over, some were vomiting, struggling to breathe and lying lifeless on the ground.
Agents inspected the bird shipment and informed management the parrot appeared lifeless.
Half a billion years of migrating to once lifeless land has largely ended.
To look at this silent and apparently lifeless scene, you'd never know what's going on within the gravel of the redd.
He looks to a crucifix growing out of a gnarled and lifeless tree.
Despite the impression that the desert is lifeless, many animals make their homes in deserts.
The counterfeit portrait is usually lifeless and flat.
If you stop collecting, the collection becomes a lifeless thing, merely decoration on the walls.

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